Our relations with Powered by Redstone

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You may know me as Corbin Davenport, the Chrome Web Store developer. You may know me as @corbindavenport if you follow me on Twitter. But a lot of people know me as Corbin Davenport, the kid who made the Powered by Redstone blog. I met the man behind Free Minecraft Mods site less than a month ago, but we have already worked together on several projects, most of which have no purpose in the ‘real world’ (whatever that is). I created an account to express my vision to this site’s readers about integration with Free Minecraft Mods and Powered by Redstone. I am hoping that our two sites will combine powers and over through all other Minecraft websites.

But chances are, that vision is at least six months away. In the meantime, I will try to write for both sites. Keep in mind that I won’t write nearly as much as Matthew, because I have a whole site of my own. But I would very much enjoy to make a few tutorials on here for you readers.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy all the work that Matthew is doing on here, because he actually has a job. 🙂