ThaumCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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If you’ve never heard of the term ‘Thaumaturgy’, then don’t worry: it’s an obscure term that refers to the appearance of miracles. It can also refer to magic as performed by magicians or the ability to draw magic from physical objects.

Thaumaturgy has been brought to the world of Minecraft through a mod called Thaumcraft. Using this mod, players can draw special types of magic from physical objects around the world. Thaumcraft allows players to craft many new and exciting items.

This magic is called ‘Vis’, and players can reshape Vis in order to create miracles. Vis can be used to power magical symbols, enchant items, or even transform matter into different types of matter.

How does Thaumcraft 1.4.7 work?

Well, every chunk has a unique aura level (also known as its amount of magical energy). There are two different types of auras: Vis, which we’ve mentioned above, is the good kind of magic. It powers positive energy. Meanwhile, ‘taint’ is the dark and evil kind of magic.

Every chunk of matter has a balance between the two auras. But if this balance gets thrown off, strange things can start happening. For example, matter with an unbalanced level of Vis spawns nice items, like Silverwood Trees and Greatwood Trees.

You’ll find Vis crystals scattered around the world. However, there are more than just Vis crystals in the world; there are also Vaporous, Earthen, Fiery, Aqueous, and Tainted types of crystals. You combine these crystals in order to create all of the items in Thaumcraft.

Instead of using a standard crafting table, players use an Infuser to craft items in Thaumcraft. It requires 100% pure Vis in order to operate. The Infuser has a very similar interface to the standard Minecraft crafting table, so it should be easy for new players to figure out.

The research system is an interesting new feature in Thaumcraft. There are many different recipes in Thaumcraft, but you have to discover these recipes before you make them. In order to ‘discover’ the recipes, you must first research items in your Quasitum. After placing the item in your research slot, you have the chance to create knowledge from it. When you ‘research’ a normal item, it has a small chance of yielding a successful knowledge fragment. But rarer items have a higher chance of generating a knowledge fragment. There are also ‘theories’ that will tell you more about the item you’re researching.

There are too many unique Thaumcraft items to list them all here. But players can expect to create things like teleport seals, lightning wands, scary obelisks, and even flying carpets.

One of the biggest attractions of Thaumcraft is its gorgeous visual effects. All of the new magic items in Thaumcraft come with their own visual effects and features, transforming the traditional world of Minecraft into something a little more magical.

Downloading and installing Thaumcraft for Minecraft 1.4.7

Step 1) Download and install the Forge API

Step 2) Download Thaumcraft 1.4.7

Step 3) Place the .zip in your mods folder and start to play.

ThaumCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 3.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings