SDK Mods for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Hello Minecraft community. SDK’s Mods have recently been updated to for Minecraft 1.4.7!

What’s SDK’s mods 1.4.7 you may be asking? Well this mod makes Minecraft more interesting. It adds Guns, Grenades, Sentries jet-packs and much more giving Minecraft a “War” like feel.

The fun starts when you start crafting Guns and shooting them at innocent mobs, for your pleasure, or maybe you’ll fight off hordes of Creepers instead. That’ll teach em’

Let us start off with a deadly weapon. Now, there are loads of those but we’ll stick to the Desert Eagle since it’s well known for it’s power.

Crafting a Desert Eagle in SDK Mods 1.4.7

First you will have to create a short barrel, you will need two iron ingots:

SDK Mods Deagle Barrel

Next, you will need some metal parts, to put your gun together.

SDK Mods Metal Parts

Right, once you have those you can craft your Metal receiver:

SDK Mods Metal Receiver

The last thing we will need is a metal grip. We don’t want your gun blowing out of your hand now do we?

SDK Mods Metal Grip

Right, now that you have your parts for you weapon, you can craft it. Place them in this formation into your crafting bench:

SDK Mods Deagle Recipe

Poof, out comes your gun, but of course having a gun without ammunition is like having a bow without arrows; pointless.

The next thing you will have to craft is some medium ammo, to use with your Desert Eagle.

SDK Mods Deagle Ammo

There. Now simply grab your gun and right click to shoot it at anything your heart desires. As long as you have ammunition in your inventory, your gun will continue to fire.

How to install SDK Mods for Minecraft 1.4.7

This mod installs just like a regular mod. It isn’t very hard to do:

Back up your saves and bin folders.
Windows: delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
Mac: delete the files inside the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
Install ModLoader
Install ModLoaderMP
Install Minecraft Forge if installing 1.1v4 or later
Copy everything inside the minecraft folder (in the zip file) into minecraft.jar (in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin)
Copy everything inside the resources folder (in the zip file) into the resources folder (in %appdata%\.minecraft)
Ignore, it’s just for TFC’s Mod Manager
Windows: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the .minecraft folder (%appdata%\.minecraft)
Mac: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the bin folder (%appdata%\.minecraft\bin)

Please note that these mods require both Modloader, the ModloaderMP client and Forge.

Download ModloaderMP Client here

Download Modloader here

Download Forge here

Download SDK’s Mods 1.4.7 here

Here is the Forum post, for all the crafting recipes, credits and other information:

Thanks for reading guys, we hope you enjoy this mod. We’ll be back soon with many more so stay tuned.

SDK Mods for Minecraft 1.4.7, 4.7 out of 5 based on 235 ratings