OptiFine HD A4 Texture Mods for Minecraft 1.1

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Some good news for you OptiFine fans, a new release of OptiFine, OptiFine HD A4 has just been released to support Minecraft 1.1 . If you don’t already know about OptiFine it is a mod that is very similar to MCPatcher, but it has a ton more features.

Not only does OptiFine it have built-in support for HD Textures, HD Fonts & Better Grass but it also comes with a ton of features that will improve visual looks and performance, it’s common to see your fps double when using OptiFine HD A4.

I will list these great features below,

  • It comes with an FPS Boost feature that is commonly known for doubling your Minecraft FPS rate and also decreases lag spikes and smoothens out your game play.
  • It has support for HD textures and fonts without the need of MCPatcher, this includes custom terrain and item textures, animated terrain and item textures, you can select a custom HD font width, custom colors, custom block colors and unlimited texture size.
  • It also features a configurable smooth lighting option from 1% smooth lighting without shadows to 100% smooth lighting with shadows.
  • It adds the option of Vsync which allows your to synchronize your fps rate with your monitor refresh rate for smoother game play.
  • It comes with Smart Advanced OpenGL to make the game more efficient with less artifacts, it has 2 options, Fast – faster with some artifacts still visible or Fancy – slower and avoids visual artifacts.
  • Fog Control feature with 3 main settings, Fancy, Fast and OFF (pretty self explanatory) and 2 fog start options, Near and Far (again self explanatory).
  • Mipmaps feature that makes objects in the distance look much much better, here are some examples, 5 Mipmap level options, OFF, 1, 2, 3, Max, and 2 Mipmap type options, Nearest and Linear.
  • Better Grass support without MCPatcher, this simply just fixes the textures on the size of the grass blocks to fit in with the surrounding terrain .
  • Better Snow, this again just simply fixes transparent block textures to fit in with the surrounding terrain.
  • Clear Water feature, for clear, transparent water, with good visibility underneath the water surface.
  • Random mob texture support, if it is available in the texture pack you are using.
  • Far View, this amazing feature allows you to see into the distance 3x further that traditional Minecraft.
  • FPS Control with Smooth FPS, this stabilizes yours FPS by flushing out the graphics drivers buffer, and Smooth Input that fixes stuck keys, slow input and your sound lag by setting the correct thread priorities.
  • Chunk Loading Control, Load far – this loads the world chucks at a distance, Preloaded Chucks – this defines an area in which no chucks can be loaded up, Chunk Updates per Frame – this allows your world to load up quicker, and Dynamic Updates – this loads more chunks per frame when the player is standing still.
  • Here are the configurable options available with OptiFine HD A4, Clouds – Default, Fancy, Fast, Cloud Height – 0% to 100%, Trees – Default, Fancy, Fast, Grass – Default, Fancy, Fast, Water – Default, Fancy, Fast, Rain and Snow – Default, Fancy, Fast, Sky – ON or OFF, Stars – ON or OFF, Depth Fog – ON or OFF and Weather – ON or OFF.
  • Here are the configurable animation options available with OptiFine HD A4, Water Animated – ON, OFF or Dynamic, Lava Animated – ON, OFF or Dynamic, Animated Fire – ON or OFF, Animated Portals – ON or OFF, Animated Redstone – ON or OFF, Animated Explosions – ON or OFF, Animated Flames – ON or OFF, Animated Smoke – ON or OFF, Void Particles – ON or OFF, Water Particles – ON or OFF, Rain Splash – ON or OFF, Portal Particles – ON or OFF, Dripping Water or Lava – ON or OFF, Animated Terrains – ON or OFF and Animated Items – ON or OFF.
  • Fast Texturepack Switching this gives you the ability to switch between texture packs without even leaving the world.
  • Configurable Full Screen Resolution.
  • Fast Debug Info and Debug Profiler.
  • Time Control feature that allows you to make it Day Only or Night Only, but this is only available in creative mode.
  • Last of all one of the most important features of all, Autosave, this features a configurable autosave interval and a fix for the famous lag spike of death.

If you know about OptiFine, you will know that it comes in multiple versions, a Standard version, a Smooth version, a Multi-core version and a AA version.

OptiFine HD A4 Standard for Minecraft 1.1

This version comes with all the features listed above.

OptiFine HD A4 Smooth for Minecraft 1.1

This is an extension to the standard edition but is designed to make the game run smoother with no lag spikes, stuttering or freezes.

Download OptiFine 1.1_HD_S_A4

OptiFine HD A4 Multi-Core for Minecraft 1.1

This version is made specifically with multi-core processors in mind, it is an extension to the smooth edition, if you have a multi-core processor, this version can decrease world loading times by 3x.

Download OptiFine 1.1_HD_MT_A4

OptiFine HD A5 AA for Minecraft 1.1

This AA version is still in development and once it is finished it will be merged with all other editions but currently you can download it as an extension to the standard package.

Download OptiFine 1.1_HD_AA_A5

OptiFine HD A4 for Minecraft 1.1

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OptiFine HD A4 Texture Mods for Minecraft 1.1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating