Greg’s SG Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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Let the Greg’s SG Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1 be welcomed to the world of Minecraft. No doubt it’s an awesome addition. This mod has come up with some technologies based loosely on the Stargate SG-1 universe.


This is actually a transportation device developed by the Ancients. Goa’uld, a race of nasty sentient parasites took over the enormous network of them later. Stargate technology was brought by the Goa’uld to this earth. They made ancient Egyptians their slaves and then they lost interest in us mostly.    The only traces that still can be found about them on Earth are their impact and stimulus activities on Egyptian culture and a few pieces of mysterious technology.

The detail of the working principles of stargate is not that clear but it seems to create a space-time wormhole linking it to another stargate in a distant location. After the establishment of a wormhole if a person can step into one stargate he will be instantly transported to the other.

A network of stargates has some resemblance with a telephone network in some ways. Every stargate has an address, and you will need to establish a connection by dialing the address of the stargate you want to get connected to.

Stargate Components:

Stargates are made of such components that may be found in many places in the world. You will find stargate components sometimes in chests in dungeons and other structures, and sometimes you may even come across a complete stargate. Some of the components have the privilege to be crafted, but not all. The circuit crystals that form the heart of certain key stargate components are beyond our ability to replicate particularly; these may only be found in the world or purchased from a Tok’ra villager.

Tok’ra Villagers:

The Tok’ra have come from the similar species as the Goa’uld, but they maintain an entirely dissimilar culture. They only take willing hosts. Usually they are amiable and cooperative. They have a far-reaching knowledge of Goa’uld technology. They get very happy selling you the crystals you require to construct those mysterious stargate components.



Building a Stargate

For the purpose of creating a stargate, you will be requiring to build a 5×5 ring composed of a Stargate Base Block, eight Stargate Ring Blocks and seven Stargate Chevron Blocks, organized in the patter shown here. The blue circle on the base block should face the direction you want the front of the stargate to be in; the direction of the other blocks doesn’t matter.

Stargate Pattern

Stargate Pattern

Once the last block is placed, the blocks of the ring will merge together and form a Stargate.

Stargate Controller

To make your stargate useful, you will be requiring a Stargate Controller which is also known as a DHD or Dial Home Device. The controller should be set facing the front of the stargate, within 5 blocks of the bottom centre of the ring, either on the same level or one block above or below.

If you Right-click on the controller that will bring up a GUI for the purpose of entry to a stargate address. If the controller is appropriately linked to a stargate, the central button in the GUI will become orange. If it is grey then it denotes that either your controller is too much far from the stargate or facing the wrong way.

Stargate Controller

Stargate Controller

An address can be rendered either by clicking buttons on the circular grid or typing letters on the keyboard. The Backspace or Delete key are used for erasing characters. After entering a complete address press the Enter key or click on the orange button. If the address is valid, the orange button will light up and the stargate will begin dialling the address.

Once a stargate connection is made, it can be disconnected by pressing the orange button again.

Stargate Addressing

A stargate address consists of seven characters that have been chosen from an alphabet of 26 symbols. For handiness, these symbols have been randomly mapped to letters which will provide you with the advantage so that you can type them on your keyboard.

The address encrypts a dimension and a spatial location within that dimension. The location has chunk-level resolution. That means you can only have one useful stargate in each chunk (16×16 area). If you dial the address of a chunk containing more than one stargate, one of them will be connected to arbitrarily.

To find out the address of a stargate, right-click somewhere on the ring. This is temporary; finding out stargate addresses may be more complicated in a future version.


Powering Stargates

Before your stargate will do anything, it requires to be provided with fuel. Stargates run on naquadah, a dense mineral of unknown composition that is a very prominent source of energy. Naquadah is acquired from naquadah ore, most frequently found beneath lava, although it sometimes appears in other places. As it is has got a huge density, a diamond pickaxe is required to mine naquadah.

To fuel a stargate, open its GUI by right-clicking somewhere on the stargate ring (not the controller) and place naquadah in the fuel slots at the right. The black rectangle is a fuel buffer that will be automatically refilled as necessary from the fuel slots.

Establishing a connection requires a fairly large burst of energy, and energy is also used as long as the connection remains open. If you don’t keep the stargate open for longer than necessary, one piece of naquadah is good for about 20 journeys. If you leave the gate open, it closes automatically after 5 minutes.

Fuel is only used by the stargate initiating the connection. No fuel is required to receive a connection or maintain a received connection.

Future versions may provide alternative ways of both powering and controlling stargates.

Safety Precautions

The opening transient of a stargate event horizon is extremely dangerous. It is recommended to maintain a distance of at least 5 blocks from the front of the stargate until the event horizon stabilises.

Breaking a stargate while a connection is open is not recommended. The event horizon contains a large amount of potential energy; if the stargate mechanism is disrupted, this energy will be explosively released.


Stargate Components

These are temporary recipes. In future versions, stargate components may need to be found in the world instead of crafted.






Optional Recipes

The following recipes are only available when enabled in the configuration file.





These crystals contain the advanced optical nanocircuitry used to control stargate technology.




  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Greg’s SG Craft Mod
  • Put jar file  into your mods folder
  • Done

For 1.5.2/1.5.1

Download from here

Download from here


Greg’s SG Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating