GardenCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Minecraft has a lot of cool features, but unfortunately, it’s not a gardening simulator. GardenCraft wanted to change that. In this mod, players can create flowers, trellises, hedges, and other features that one might find in a garden. From white picket fences to soft floor lighting, GardenCraft 1.4.7 wants to bring the world of gardening to Minecraft.

Flowers are an important part of any garden. Setting up flowers is easy. Simply craft them, then place them where you would like. You can place flowers directly on the ground for a natural look, or craft flower trellises and build flower displays around your garden. Flower pots are also included in the game, giving players a wide range of options when it comes to decorating their gardens.

However, GardenCraft isn’t only focused on flowers. There are also plenty of other items for players to discover, including white picket fences, hedges, and lamps. The white picket fences help give your garden that classic look, while the hedges can keep your garden as protected as possible. Both the white picket fences and hedges are surprisingly durable, making them an effective way to protect your home as well as your garden.

There is also a fairly deep lighting system in GardenCraft. Instead of relying solely on torches to illuminate their garden, players can now craft wall lamps, floor lamps, and other types of lamps that softly light up their garden without being too distracting. For players who want to make their gardens as aesthetically pleasing as possible, GardenCraft adds everything you need to the Minecraft world.

Whether you’re trying to give your home a classic appearance or you just want to protect your stuff with a hedge, GardenCraft can help any player achieve their garden decorating dreams.

Installing GardenCraft for Minecraft 1.4.7

Step 1) Make sure you have downloaded and installed ModLoader and Minecraft Forge, as GardenCraft requires both of these mods in order to work properly.

Step 2) Download GardenCraft 1.4.7 from this thread

Step 3) Open your Minecraft.jar folder (search for %appdata% using the Windows search bar if you’re having trouble finding the Minecraft.jar folder)

Step 4) Copy all the class files from the GardenCraft folder and paste them into the Minecraft.jar

Step 5) Open the textures folder and find the ‘GardenCraft’ folder, then copy that entire folder into Minecraft.jar (do not copy the entire textures folder)

Step 6) Start playing and enjoy!

GardenCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings