Fossil Archeology Mod: Fans Renaissance [V1.0] for Minecraft [1.4.7] [SSP/SMP]

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Fossil Archeology Mod: Fans Renaissance [V1.0] for Minecraft [1.4.7] is a wonderful and variegated edition in the world of minecraft mod. This mod contains a lot of features that enhance simultaneously the quality and the interest of the game. The features and the terms regarding this very mod will be discussed below.

The Blocks:

I.            Fossil: These have resemblance with stones. But these are quite harder than the stones. Fossil drops  bio-fossil(22.5%),relics(23%),bones(40%),Skulls(10%),Broken Swords(5%),Scarab Gems(0.001%).

II.            Skull/Skull Lantern: These skulls of the ancient civilization become a scary lantern whenever a torch is put inside one of these. It can also be changed into bone meals.

III.            Analyzer: The analyzer performs the analyzing of bio fossils and relics like restoring the relics into stoneboard hoping any message of ancient civilization can show up.

IV.            Cultivate: Cultivation is needed to turn the DNA alive that’s been found from the analyzer.

V.            Archeology workbench: Archeology workbench is required to make the useless broken sword useable.

VI.            Ancient Ferns: These can only grow under trees and breed by time passes.

VII.            Order Drum: This is needed to order group of dinos.

VIII.            Feeder: Feeder has the ability to grind and store foods for which the dinos will come for.

IX.            Permafrost and Iced stones: These are actually frozen dirt that is melted to normal dirt if these are exposed to sunshine.


The Items Includes-

  • Bio Fossils
  • Relics Scrapes
  • Stoneboard
  • DNAs
  • Ancient eggs
  • Broken ancient equipment
  • Fern seeds
  • Skull sticks
  • Scarab gem
  • Scarab tools
  • Dino pedia
  • Raw chicken soup/ cooked chicken soup
  • Essence of Chicken
  • Living Nautilus
  • Sio-Chiu-Le
  • Empty shell
  • Magic conch
  • Dino meats/ Dino steaks
  • Embryo syringe
  • Frozen meat
  • Javelins

The mobs include

  • Dinosaurs


(1)   Habits:Herbivore(Fern-blocks,wheats(dropped or given),melons(given))

(2)   Subspecies:3

(3)   Ordering using:Stick

(4)   Tamable

(5)   Ridable after 4-years-old.


–Won’t hungry and won’t grow up.

–Control-able by rider.(players)

–Hold shift to rush.

While rushing:

—-Very helpful for flatting lands.

—-Simply run over other mobs.


Habits:carnivore(Meats(given or dropped),fishes(given or dropped),Any animals)


–Ordering using:Bare hands



–Betray while been attacked by owner or starving

–Hold everything dropped.

–Able to learn how to use chests.






Tyrannosaurus rex:

Habits:carnivore(Any animals)


–Ordering using:Skull Stick

–Tamable in secret way.


–Control-able by rider.(players)

–Still arrow-immune.Means you not need to worry about while riding.

— You’ll got half heart hurt when un-mounting.

–It can help you do some construction work like flatting lands.

–Can simply run over mobs.

–Can rush by holding sneak button.

Caution:Keep away from water while riding.





–Ordering using:Arrow


–Flyable after 5 ages(5 MC days)

–Rid-able when fully-grown(8 MC days)



Habits:carnivore(fishes(given or dropped),Nautilus)


–Ordering using:Empty shell


–Cannot jump.But able to land.

–Catch fishes when hungry with water nearby.



WASD to control,

sneak to dive,

Hold still to float.








–Crashes boats.

–Can’t move on land.



Habits:Herbivore(Fern-blocks,wheats(dropped or given),melons(given))


–Ordering using:Stick




Habits:carnivore(Meats(given or dropped),fishes(given or dropped),Any animals)





–Blind their preys.



Habits:Herbivore(Leave-blocks,wheats(dropped or given))


–Ordering using:Stick



–Won’t hungry and won’t grow up.

–Control-able by rider.

  • Mammals include

i)        Saber-toothed Cat

ii)      Mammoth

iii)    Enemy

iv)    Livings fossil

v)      Special





The Relics include

  • Small Weapon Shop
  • Shipwrecks
  • Academy

Download and Installation:

Download Fossil Archeology Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 from here— DOWNLOAD

Forge download— DOWNLOAD

Client Installation:

  • First of all back up the .minecraft folder.
  • Then download the forge
  • After that download the fossil/archeology mod from the given link
  • Next Search for “%appdata%”, open “Roaming”, go to AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/bin and open the minecraft.jar using winrar
  • Now install the forge
  • Make sure to DELETE the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar file.
  • Run the game for once and then close it. A folder will appear named “mods” under %appdata%/.minecraft/.
  • Now you have to unzip it as “mod_Fossil” folder with class files directly inside
  • For 1.4.6 or 1.4.7, do not unzip! Just drop the .zip file into the /mods folders
  • Finally execute the game and enjoy.
Fossil Archeology Mod: Fans Renaissance [V1.0] for Minecraft [1.4.7] [SSP/SMP], 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating