Flying Ring for Minecraft [1.4.7][SSP/SMP] [Forge]

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Flying ring is another wonderful addition in the era of Minecraft mod. This has come as a mod for Minecraft [1.4.7] [SSP/SMP] [Forge]. This mod is simple enough. The fundamental idea of this mod has been inspired from the Equivalent Exchange 2. Obviously some changes in appearance have been made. Though it’s a silver ring it can convert into gold. While flying it gets the enchantment glow.


The picture below demonstrates a crafting recipe for a flying ring-

Download the Flying Ring for Minecraft [1.4.7] [SSP/SMP] [Forge]:

Download Flying Ring (Mediafire Link)

Download Flying Ring (Personal hosting)


The FlyingRing.cfg file includes two flags named “Decrease multiplier” and “Decrease Rate”. Decrease multiplier is the amount of food removed and on the other hand Decrease Rate specifies the number of seconds between removals of food.