Carpenter’s Block Mod for Minecraft 1.6

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A great addition to the world of Minecraft is the Carpenter’s Block Mod. It has come with Minecraft 1.6. This mod has brought newly added slopes and a custom variety of vanilla blocks to the game. In their base they may have a look that can be seemed ordinary but they can in fact be covered with almost any other block in the game.  The frame will take over the texture of the cover block. It will also inherit most of its other properties including flammability, explosion resistance and other.


  • Carpenter’s Block
Carpenter's Block

Carpenter’s Block

  • Carpenter’s Barrier
Carpenter's Barrier

Carpenter’s Barrier

  • Carpenter’s Button
Carpenter's Button

Carpenter’s Button

  • Carpenter’s Day Light Sensor
Carpenter's DayLight Sensor

Carpenter’s DayLight Sensor

  • Carpenter’s Gate
Carpenter's Gate

Carpenter’s Gate

  • Carpenter’s Lever
Carpenter's Lever

Carpenter’s Lever

  • Carpenter’s Pressure Plate
Carpenter's Pressure Plate

Carpenter’s Pressure Plate

  • Carpenter’s Slope
Carpenter's Slope

Carpenter’s Slope

  • Carpenter’s Stairs
Carpenter's Stairs

Carpenter’s Stairs

Applying Overlays:

Overlays help you by providing independence to customize Carpenter’s block. They allow you to place grass, web, vine, snow or hay on any Carpenter’s Block in addition to covers.

How to Create Slabs:

The carpenter’s block is required for the creation of a slab. This block has got two functions to perform- (1) to allow any mod block to be overlaid with grass, snow, web or vine (2) to form vertical and horizontal slabs. For the proper shaping of it to turn it into slab you need to right click the block with the Carpenter’s Hammer. The slab will form straight opposite of the site that’s been hit by you. Carpenter’s Blocks placed adjacent to the slab will match the neighboring slab type automatically. Hold the sneak key while placing the block to override this behavior.

How to Use This Mod:

  • When all blocks will be placed it would be an uncovered state. You have to cover with a solid, full block for it to inherit the cover block’s properties. These properties include flammability, explosion resistance, etc.
  • You have the opportunity to overlay blocks with grass, snow, web, vine and hay by right clicking on Carpenter’s Blocks with the items shown in the images above. A grass overlay will allow any cover block with a solid top surface to withstand plants like flowers and saplings.
  • Corners will be formed automatically for slopes and stairs. If you left or right click then these blocks will alternate block directions and/or shape. Hold the sneak key to override auto-transforming.
  • Posts at corners and intersections will be generated by barriers. For forcing a post you need to left click any barrier.
  • Each barrier has a corresponding gate type – select type by right clicking either a barrier or gate with the Carpenter’s Hammer. You can modify vanilla barrier/gate plank depth by left clicking the block with the hammer.
  • Buttons, levers, pressure plates and the daylight sensor are capable of inverting their redstone state by left clicking them with the Carpenter’s Hammer.
  • Pressure plates can have their trigger type configured by right clicking them with the Carpenter’s Hammer. It’s your choice to pick up whether you want players, monsters, animals or all entities to create an impact on the pressure plate.
  • Any Carpenter’s Block can have its overlay and cover eliminated by holding the sneak key and left clicking on the block.


  • First of all download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Now download Carpenter’s Blocks Mod from the links given below
  • Then put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • It’s all Done


Download from here

Download from here