Bladecraft for Minecraft Forge [1.4.4/1.4.7] [SSP/SMP/LAN]

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Bladecraft mod is another wonderful addition of Minecraft where you will be privileged with the chance to make your wildest desires come true that you have been cherishing for a long time with the era of swords.

Some General Ideas Regarding Bladecraft Mod for Minecraft Forge [1.4.4/1.4.7] [SSP/SMP/LAN]:

In this mod it is necessary to maintain better swords. This mod will provide you with the advantage of customization of the swords and other benefits too.

When it comes to the classification of swords these are actually of two types

  •  Forged Swords
  •  Legendary Swords

The forged swords are crafted through the use of dyes or inset gems. On the other hand legendary swords are dungeon loot characterized with special charms and prolonged permanency. Currently there is the availability of 6 legendary swords containing the chance of 1/250 of spawning in a dungeon chest. These include enchantments like poison, blindness, sharpness, slowness, and much more. Try to use all of these to find out the best one among the alternatives.


A Complete List of Inset Gems for Bladecraft:

  • Bone = white
  • Iron=Silver
  • Diamond = light cyan
  • Lapis Lazuli block = blue
  • Ender Pearl = Purple
  • Emerald = Green
  • Glowstone Dust = Light Yellow
  • Gold = gold
  • Blaze Rod = orange
  • Redstone dust = red
  • Obsidian = black

You can find all the 209 swords in the creative inventory just by clicking the right arrow on the tab screen.


Download and Installation of Bladecraft Mod for Minecraft Forge [1.4.4/1.4.7] [SSP/SMP/LAN]:

This requires Minecraft forge. You can get it from HERE. Try to grab the latest version positioned at the top of the list.

For installation you just need to put the downloaded .zip file into the “.minecraft” folder. You don’t need to extract the files from the zipped file.

Bladecraft- 1.4.4/1.4.7 forge universal