Biomes O’ Plenty Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1/1.5.2/1.5.1

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The addition of Biomes O’ Plenty mod has come to add something extra to the world of Minecraft. This mod has been customized in such a way that is definitely going to let the players to explore a more improved world of minecraft. What matters most is this mod creates a reason for the players to find out what’s behind this. This mod covers a lot of realistic biomes, some fantasy biomes and other interesting things that have been added.

Some fresh and new world types have already been added to this mod-

  • Small Biomes: These are mostly opposite of the large biomes world type.
  • No Parasite: Who don’t want to get parasitic heap biome, it doesn’t generate any.
  • Realistic: Realistic biomes are generated only.
  • Fantasy: Only fantasy biomes are generated
  • Missing Biomes: Vanilla biomes + 5 biomes that were in previous versions of Minecraft, and 2 meant to represent the taiga and swamp from Beta 1.8: Rainforest, Savanna, Seasonal Forest, Shrubland, Tundra, Boreal Forest, and Lush Swamp
  • Seasonal: Will be changed for the current real life season.
  • Holiday: Will be changed for the current United States holiday season.



Tall, snowy mountains that touch the clouds, with spruce trees on the summit.


A snowy forest with tall fir trees.


A barren wasteland of hills covered in sandstone and hard sand, with patches of dried dirt, and frequent clay deposits.

Bamboo Forest:

Tall bamboo trees overlook a flat, vibrant land with shrubs, bushes, and ferns.

Bamboo forest

Bamboo forest


Overcast skies overlook a lush swampy area with tall cypress trees, and dead trees in the murky water.

Birch Forest:

Peaceful forest covered in only birch trees and clover.


Deep, murky Bog covered in mud, with thick trees looming over. Slimes can also be found above ground in the Bog.

Boreal Forest:

A thick, temperate forest with birch, oak, and spruce trees.

Boreal forest

Boreal forest


Hills and valleys composed of hard dirt, with trees and shrubs waiting at the top.


A hilly landscape with pockets of exposed stone, small shrubs, and bushes.

Cherry Blossom Grove:

Pink and white cherry trees overlook a forest of pale green grass, anenomes, tulips, and clover.

Coniferous Forest:

Tall fir trees cover a somewhat hilly region of tall and short grass, as well as toadstools. Sections of less dense forest can be found within the biome as well.


Rough mountains with jagged peaks, deep, dark waters, and a dark, teal sky above.

Dead Forest:

A relatively empty forest with dead and dying trees.


Smokey ash, smoldering grass, fire, dead trees, red-as-blood water, deep sinkholes, and the occasional group of Creepers can be found in the Deadlands.

Dead Swamp:

A low-lying swamp with dead trees, dark blue waters, and mud.

Deciduous Forest:

A thick forest with tall trees and shrubs.


A dry forest of red and brown colors. Inspired by an old glitch I had happen once in Beta 1.7.3.


Steep, rolling hills of sand, with patches of dune grass, and a dusty sky above.




A dying, swampy forest with mud, cattails, toadstools, and other swampy goodness.


A temperate field with sparse trees, but lots of tall grass

Frost Forest:

A frozen forest covered in frost, with snowy skies above

frost forest

frost forest

Fungi Forest:

A very lush forest with trees, giant mushrooms, slimy water, and mushrooms


Lush fields of assorted flowers, grasses, and giant flowers. A native mob to the Garden, Rosesters, can also be found here.


Snow and hard ice make up the Glacier biome


Rolling hills of green grass with lots of sugar cane and ponds. Meant to represent the old Swamps from Beta 1.7.3 and below (When they didn’t really look like swamps).


A flat forest with shrubs and bushes


A somewhat flat landscape with lots of shrubs, wildflowers, and dry grass


Thick grassy hills and cliffs

Ice Sheet:

A flat, barren wasteland of ice

Icy Hills:

Thick, snowy hills with magical ice trees under a snowy sky

Jade Cliffs:

The winning biome from the 100 Page Celebration contest; Jagged cliffs with shrubs along the sides, and pine trees at the summit, under a jade sky

Lush Desert:

A lush, red rock desert with Acacia trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and pockets of sand and grass scattered around.

Lush Swamp:

Meant to represent the original Swamplands biome in Beta 1.8, without any dark grass/foliage/water shading, and the addition of cattails, and a few taller trees than before


An aquatic forest with thick, deep-rooted mangrove trees

Maple Woods:

A hilly, peaceful woodland with red maple trees, and the occasional spruce tree

Maple Woods

Maple Woods


Sections of scattered grass, tall grass, high grass, and water make up the Marsh.


Spruce trees and bushes cover a hilly area with sections of forest spread out among it.


A red rock mountain land with desert grass, and a sandy, orange sky


Fields at a high elevation with lots of puddles and mud, under a dreary sky


A hilly forest of drab grass with oak and spruce trees

Mystic Grove:

A magical land of tall trees, blue grass, and glowing flowers. Journey through the forest of magic trees under a mystical pink sky.


Palm trees and ponds with grass surrounding them make up the Oasis

Ominous Woods:

A creepy, dark forest with dark trees, deathblooms, dark purple grass and foliage, and a dark, ominous sky. Bats can be found flying around in the Ominous Woods as well.


Summer is here in a forest with bright yellow-green grass, anenomes, clovers, roses, and dandelions. Trees in the Orchard can grow with leaves that have a very high chance of dropping apples.

Origin Valley:

A lush area made to resemble Minecraft before biomes were actually added, with bright green trees, vibrant grass, and a clear blue sky.


Patches of grass mixed in with hard sand, covered in small shrubs


A relatively flat field of barley


A lush field with an assortment of grasses, anenomes, and a few trees here and there

Promised Land:

The Promised Land only appears in its separate dimension. A new Amethyst Ore, Holy Trees, and more!


A barren pit of mud with patches of grass and frequent dead trees, with muddy water and overcast skies above


A lush, dense land with tons of oak and birch trees covering a very hilly terrain. Ocelots can be found running around in the Rainforest as well.

Redwood Forest:

Huge redwood trees overlook a hilly landscape of shrubs and ferns.

Sacred Springs:

Bright blue skies overlook a hilly region overgrown with shrubs, with lots of flowing water springs


A flat, dry land with acacia trees, tall and short grass, shrubs, wildflowers, and the occasional clover


A dying grassland with shrubs, bushes, and other foliage.

Seasonal Forest

Autumn colors in a mixed forest of oak and birch trees


Flat grassland with sparse shrubs, bushes, and short grass


Based off of the Canadian Shield, the Shield biome has spruce trees, exposed stone, gravel lining the shores, and lots of lakes

Snowy Woods:

Basically just a snowy version of the Dead Forest, but with more dead trees, and less dying/spruce trees

Spruce Woods:

Meant to represent the snowless Taiga from Beta 1.8, but with more tall grass, slightly taller trees, and sprouts.


Dead grass covers a flat landscape with patches of sand.


A mix between a forest and marsh, with tall, decaying trees, shrubs, dark green grass, and mud

Temperate Rainforest:

Tall trees often covered in moss, as well as willow trees loom over the hills of shrubs and fern below.


A thick, overgrown forest with shrubs and thorns, which hurt you if you walk into them

Tropical Rainforest:

Dense broadleaf trees covering a relatively flat Tropical Rainforest with orange daisies and lots of Ocelots. The occasional melon can also be found in the Tropical Rainforest, along with sections of high grass.


A tropical paradise of palm trees, orange daisies, and clear blue skies


A flat snowy land with lots of icy ponds and lakes, and the occasional dry hill


A smoke filled sky is casted over a volcanic land of dark, ashy stone with flowing lava and pockets of ash


Dried dirt and dead grass cover a flat, barren land with toxic water and hazy skies


A lively, swamp-like area with willow trees, spruce trees, ferns, cat tails, and swampflowers. Mud can often be found bordering the land


A dry forest made up of only oak trees, as well as fallen logs


  • Mud Tools: Same as normal tools, but with mud balls in place of ore.  Sticks are still used.
  • Mud Armor: Same as normal armor, but with mud balls in place of ore.
  • Amethyst Tools: Same as normal tools, using amethyst for the ore, and iron ingots in place of sticks.
  • Amethyst Armor: Same as normal armor, using amethyst for the ore.
  • Wood: The custom logs and planks in this mod can be crafted into anything that vanilla logs/planks can, from doors, to stairs, to jukeboxes.  They can also be used as fuel.
  • Red Rock Cobble/Red Rock Bricks/Skystone Cobble/Skystone Brick/Mud Bricks: Red Rock Cobble/Bricks, Skystone Cobble/Bricks and Mud Bricks can be crafted into stairs and slabs like other materials.
  • Mystery Music Disc: We don’t want to give the exact crafting recipe, but it involves the normal Biomes O’ Plenty music disc, and another material added by the mod.

Ancient Staff:

1 Ancient Staff Topper, 1 Ancient Staff Pole, 1 Ancient Staff Handle

Ancient Staff Topper:

1 Nether Star, 1 Diamond, 1 End Stone, 4 Iron Ingots

Ancient Staff Topper

Ancient Staff Topper

Ancient Staff Pole:

1 Redstone Dust, 2 End Stone, 6 Iron Ingots

Ancient staff pole

Ancient staff pole

Ancient Staff Handle:

1 Emerald, 2 End Stone, 4 Iron Ingots

Ancient staff handle

Ancient staff handle


4 Eyes of Ender, 4 Obsidian, 1 Amethyst Block




3 Barley



Mossy Stone Brick:

8 Moss, 1 Stone Brick

Mossy stone brick

Mossy stone brick

Mud Bricks (Block):

4 Mud Bricks

Mud Bricks

Mud Bricks

Cyan Dye:

1 Swampflower

Cyan Dye

Cyan Dye

Orange Dye:

1 Daisy

Orange Dye

Orange Dye

Pink Dye:

1 Tulip

Pink Dye

Pink Dye

Gray Dye:

1 Pile of Ashes

Gray Dye

Gray Dye

Mud Brick:

1 Mud Ball

Mud Brick

Mud Brick


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Biomes O’ Plenty Mod
  • Put Biomes O’ Plenty Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


For 1.6.1

Download from here

Download from here

Download from here

For 1.5.2

Download from here

Download from here

Download from here

API: Download from here

For 1.5.1

Download from here

Download from here