How to Host a Minecraft Server

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Hello, We haven’t posted much about minecraft server hosting so we thought  it would be a good idea to put together, a nice, noob friendly, guide to hosting your own minecraft server.

Now the first thing you need to think about is…

Would you like to rent a Minecraft Server? or host a Minecraft Server from home?

Rental servers are a huge advantage because anyone can run them, even if you know little or nothing about computers, they generally are all setup and ready to go on purchase, they are built to a very high spec, have super fast internet connections which allows huge servers suitable to keeping up to 128 users in at one time, and some people have even created a by-pass to get pass this limit.

Reliability, rented servers are normally very reliable with up times of over 99.9% and being a business, there is support available 24/7 if any problem was to occur.

Hosting a minecraft server from home is possible if you have an up to date pc and a decent home internet connection but you will most likely only be able to host a server for 2 or 3 people before it will become far to unstable to continue playing on.

I’ll assume most people reading this are planning to get a rental minecraft server so I will start talking about them first.


Choosing a Minecraft Hosting Company

Trusted companies! There are some many copy-cat server companies out there, offering reduced priced servers that are extremely low quality the best thing to do is go with a company that is trusted and well priced.

Features to look out for

Customer Support,

is the main thing to look out for when choosing a server host, if something happens to your server and you cannot fix it,  then you need to know that support is there to help you. Support comes in many different forms, telephone, e-mail, faq, live support, ticket systems. I like to use a host that has a live support feature on the website.


If you are paying for a server, you want it hosted in your country and at the nearest city to you, most trusted hosts have servers hosted in every major city

Hard Drive, RAM and Bandwidth Allocations,

I suggest choosing a server company with unlimited hard drive space, RAM and bandwidth.


Is a control panel for your minecraft servers, it is a pretty standard tool for most server companies, unless they use there own control panels.

My Recommendations

I can recommend 2 server companies  highly from my personal experience, they are both industry leaders in game server hosting and they both offer high quality servers at competitive prices.

My first recommendation is VeryGames,

they offer 2 extremely powerful but well priced server packages,the Minecraft VQS package which features


  • a chose-able  map size
  • unlimited memory limit (RAM)
  • autoplugins
  • unlimited number of worlds
  • auto world backup and restore
  • mapviewer
  • ability to upload your world
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited bandwidth capacity
  •  debranded “servername”
  • dedicated IP
  • custom port number
  • multi-games system
  • fully automatic updates

VeryGames has a second minecraft server package, the Minecraft VQS infinite, it has the same features as the standard Minecraft VQS but an unlimited map size, an infinite minecraft world.

.My second recommendation is Multiplay,

Multiplay Logo

these guys have been in the server business for a long time, I remember seeing multiplay servers back when I was playing unreal tournament 99, there servers are very high quality and the support is amazing.

Like always with a server rented from multiplay, the minecraft server comes packed full of extras.


  • World’s Largest Host
  • Instant Setup of your Minecraft Server
  • Upload your existing world to your new server!
  • SSD’s for the Ultimate Performance!
  • Bukkit + Plugin Support
  • Memory Options from 200MB to 8GB
  • Full FTP Access
  • Automatic World Backups
  • Automatic setups giving cool server Banners
  • Player Usage Stats
  • Basic Rcon
  • FREE Mumble or 1/2 Price Teamspeak, Ventrilo voice comms server
  • FREE Web hosting
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Industry-leading Clanforge™ control panel
  • Fast, efficient support, 24 hours a day
  • High quality network and server hardware
  • Public as standard



With a server hosted by multiplay you will have instant access to 13 preinstalled mods and 1416 pre-configured addons


  • Minecraft hMod
  • Minecraft Vanilla
  • Minecraft Bukkit
  • Minecraft Canary
  • ML – BuildCraft
  • ML – ChristmasCraft
  • ML – IndustrialCraft2 with BC v2.2.10
  • ML – InvasionMod
  • ML – MineFactory Reloaded with BC v2.2.8,
  • ML – PortalGun, ML – PowerConverters with BC v2.2.10 & IC2 v1.4.73
  • ML – RailCraft with BC v2.2.10 & IC2 v1.4.73
  • ML – RedPower2 with BC v2.2.10 & IC2 v1.4.73



How to Host Minecraft Server from Home

Hosting a Minecraft Server from home is pretty easy once you know how, and if you are up to spec you should have no problems inviting a few friends to join.

Windows Server

Before we start make sure you have Java 7 installed and updated

In windows 7 press the start button and type CMD in the search bar and press enter

In XP press the start button and click run then type CMD and press enter

In the command prompt window that has popped up type in java -version and press enter, if it displays 1.7 your java is updated.

1 – Download the Minecraft_Server.exe from here.

2 – Run Minecraft_Server.exe, it will load a server with the default configuration.

It may throw up some file not found error messages when you start it, this is normal they are being created.

3- After the server has completely start up for the first start time, shut it down (type STOP in the command window and it will shut down the server).

Now you will want to start editing some configuration files.

More to come soon, configuring and connecting to your server.


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  • kyle knobloch

    how to make the serve public (port forwarding)?

    i NEED HELP, i am on the mac. i would like a software to do it for me

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    Is there a possible way to reduce lag on my own server

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    Go to and that is your Server Adress.

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  • Alex Bates <– Open with Microsoft Word.

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    No text shows up on XP when I open it. It creates the files, but no text shows up in the minecraft server.

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    im trying to create a server for my friends and i and cant afford to rent one but i have no idea how to run my own could use some help

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    I have minecraft pocket edition,and my freinds have a diffrent pocket edition. How do I join their servers?

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