Minecraft 1.3 Upcoming Features

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With the nearly featureless release of 1.2.4 yesterday I am sure there are plenty of you out there wondering what upcomming features there are to look forward to with the next Minecraft 1.3 update.

Well lucky for you I have some early information on planned changes we should expect to see in the Minecraft 1.3 release.

First of this feature has not been 100% confirmed by many believe it will be in the next update of Minecraft. You might of heard of it before it is the Circle Stone Brick recipe, it will be a new recipe for creating Circle Stone Brick.

Confirmed Minecraft 1.3 Features

The rest of these features have been confirmed as being in the next release of Minecraft 1.3.

Firstly we have an updated LWJGL, what is LWJGL you say? LWJGL stands for Lightweight Java Game Library it is a solution that is aimed directly at Java programmers to use Java to create quality games by giving them access to powerful high speed cross platform libraries such as OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL, these make it possible to create quality 3D games with 3D sound. Minecraft already uses LWJGL but it is updating to a newer version which should make a noticable difference in the game.

Next we have a fix for the glitchy mob movement, a lot of people thought they would have implemented this in 1.2.4 but they have promised it will be done for Minecraft 1.3

Another thing that has been said about the glitchy mob movement bug is that they have having to do some major internal changes to the game which will all be done for 1.3.

Now this is the last confirmed feature, and you know the saying save the best for last? Well I have done. At long last Mojang have confirmed that we will finally see a Modding API in version 1.3 which I am sure will make a lot of modders very very happy. This will make the process of updating mods so much simpler than ever before and we can expect to see mod updates quicker that ever before! This will also keep us very busy here at Free Minecraft Mods so very are extremely happy about it.

That’s all i’ve got for now but if I have any other updates or confirmed features for Minecraft 1.3 I will post them here.


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