Minecraft 1.2.3 Update Has Been Released!

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Minecraft 1.2.3 Has been released!

Jens has been very hard at work with the latest edition of Minecraft, adding so many new Biomes, Items and Creatures to the game!
So, not too long ago we witnessed the release of Minecraft 1.1 which didn’t add to much to the game other than a few bug fixes here and there
with a few tweaks to the game such as removing collision boxes from ladders and reducing brewing time for potions to 20 Seconds.
But now with the full release of Minecraft 1.2.3, Jens has decieded to move som much futher with Minecraft. Here are a few major
changes to the game!
– World height limit increased to 256 Blocks.
– A new world format named “Anvil”
– New Jungle biome.
– Added Ocelots.
– Added Cats. (Tamed Ocelots)
– Added Iron Golems.
– New AI for mobs (Mobs are now much more clever than they were)
– Tame wolves can have puppies.
– Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.
– Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.
– Zombies break down doors on hard difficulty.
– New items and blocks
– Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
– Added rare drops for mobs
The Zombie sieges will be worse in some villages than in others, so grab your diamond swords and bows and put up the fight of your life!
You are able to view any other changes on the Minecraft wiki for the full list!
Now of course with the world height being increased to 256 Blocks high, old computers may struggle to cope with the demanding game,
but not to worry! Help is on its way!
Here is what you can do to keep playing Minecraft
– Use Optifine (When Updated)
– Play on very low settings
– Use the “Heights” Mod (When updated) As it has the ability to lower the world height back to normal
So there we have it. 3 very easy steps on how you can keep playing Minecraft
Jens is definetly moving in the right direction with the game, and will continue to do so with the latest Snapshot which we should see around
either Wednesday or Thursday!
As a quick sidenote I would like to applaud Notch for sharing out a massive $3,000,000 between all 25 Mojang employees!
Minecraft has made approximately $100,000,000 since launch, so Notch did the unimaginable
and we think that the Mojang team deserve every single cent of it!
Minecraft 1.2.3 Update Has Been Released!, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings