Water Shader Alpha v4d for Minecraft 1.2.5

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I have just installed this water shader mod on to my minecraft, and it looks absolutely amazing! (look at the picture above).

Here we have Water Shader Alpha 1.2.5 v4d, it’s a great mod and definitely one of my recommendations for Minecraft 1.0.0, it adds a really nice touch to the game.

I had all of my config settings to default, you can change many of these settings including the water mode, mode 0 is off, mode 1 is diffraction only, and mode 2 which is reflection and diffraction, you can also change  the anti aliasing between 2x, 4x, 9x and 16x, the resolution of reflection rendering, reflective player, items, mobs on/off, reflective clouds on/off, and many other rendering settings.


Step 1. Copy the shader folder into your .minecraft/bin folder.

Step 2. Next you must copy all of the files from the minecraft folder into your minecraft.jar

Step 3. Delete META_INF folder from your minecraft.jar

– The config file is located in .minecraft/bin/shader folder.

All round this is a fantastic mod and a great addition to the game. Make sure you give it a try.

Download Water Shader Alpha

Patch Notes

Water Shader Alpha v4d
– Lighting now goes through the new light engine but the ice still does not look 100% )
– FBO.class fix integrated into this version

Water Shader Alpha v4d for Minecraft 1.2.5, 2.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings