Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN]

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Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN] has been introduced in the era of Minecraft as a continuation project. The previous project was known as Trains and Zeppelins mod. As it’s a new one you may find some stuffs unfixed but soon this very mod will have its proper completion.

So let’s have some chitchat on Traincraft. What is it?  We all know that it’s a minecraft mod but the features of this mod contain around 80 trains, wagons and many other moving vehicles. This mod needs the help of forge for proper running and is compatible with SSP, SMP and LAN. Consistent and proper devotion to make compatible with other technical mods will be insisted in near future.

For more information you can visit the wiki page of Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN] à  Click Here

Downloads for Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN]:

Traincraft V3.1.13_010: DOWNLOAD (Forge: and up) [1.4.6]

Forge will also be needed.

Some additions and fixes regarding Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN]:

  • This mod’s been updated to Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Recipe discovery system’s been updated
  • Sided tabs have been added
  • Revamped tier tables have been updated
  • Some train cornering and going up slopes issues have been fixed
  • Some texturing bugs in train GUI have been fixed
  • GUI text in all the GUIs have been fixed
  • Doors on Union pacific has been fixed
  • Boiler on 0-5-0 ussr has been fixed
  • Some additional mod recipes have been fixed
  • Some recipes have been fixed
  • Helicopter(Bugged) has been removed
  • Plane (Bugged) has been removed
  • Dead code files have been removed

Installation of Traincraft Mod for Minecraft [1.4.6] [SSP/SMP/LAN]:

  • First of all you have to download a version of forge from HERE and install it.
  • Next download the Traincraft Mod.
  • Now put the .jar in mods folder in .minecraft folder
  • Last of all run the game and ENJOY!!!






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