Tiny Spiders 1.2 for Minecraft [1.4.7]

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Tiny Spiders 1.2 for Minecraft [1.4.7] is a nice addition in the crowd of Minecraft mods. This mod focuses on turning the mean frightening nasty spider into little harmless creatures, creep. This mod will be fun to experience as the environment will well suit the dungeon of yours or someplace like that.



Some slight bugs were fixed in this mod. The content of Tiny Spiders 1.1 for Minecraft [1.4.7] includes

  • Huge spiders for cave spiders.
  • These huge spiders have got 20 hearts and are 3 times bigger.
  • Model bug have been fixed.
  • Splat sound has been added. It will be played when tiny spiders will die.

Every time an egg’s been placed a chance will create for a jockey to spawn. (A skeleton mounted on a spider). Jockeys are cool enough but they look pitiful with those shrunken mounts.

The contents of Tiny Spiders 1.0 for Minecraft [1.4.7] includes-

  • Spiders have 1 heart
  • Spiders are non-hostile
  • They yield no loot

Download for Tiny Spiders 1.2 for Minecraft [1.4.7]:

Download Tiny Spiders 1.2 for Minecraft [1.4.7] from here—-DOWNLOAD

Download Tiny Spiders 1.1 from here—-DOWNLOAD

Download Tiny Spiders 1.0 from here—DOWNLOAD

Installation: Download and install the ModLoader. Make sure to delete the Meta-INF file. Open the minecraft.jar file located at C:/Users/Appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/bin. Extract the zip file with WinRAR or WinZip and then follow the rest of the instructions.