The Necromancy Mod for Minecraft [1.4.7]

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This mod is another wonderful addition for Minecraft and it comes with varieties of features to deal with. Actually this game is strongly related with necromancy. It’s also considered as the art of reanimation. With the help of this very mod slain foes can be reanimated. Besides, you will have the ability to rule the world using your minions.

Recipes/Guides regarding The Necromancy Mod for Minecraft [1.4.7]

First of all you will have to procure some blood. For that reason some bone needles are needed that can be crafted like the following:

For getting a jar of blood you need to craft yourself some glass bottles and have to hit a mob with a needle. This will result in the consumption of the needle and the bottle providing you with a jar of blood in return.

Next comes the necronomicon . With this it is possible to create a Summoning Alter. For doing that you have to put 2 cobblestones and a plank in a row and then right click the plank. To summon a minion, first you will have to get some soul.

For that you have to have a Blood Scythe to deal with this. You will be using this weapon (Blood Scythe) to kill some of the mobs and simultaneously you have to be much concern about leaving some glass bottles in your inventory.

A soul will fill a bottle if you are using the Blood Scythe weapon to hit the ultimate blow. Let’s get back to the discussion of Summoning Alter. You should possess some bones, rotten flesh, gunpowder and string. You should also have the eye on two slots in the altar- left one is for blood and the right one is for souls. For the creation of a minion you have to try to place the mob drops in the center. If you are satisfied with the appearance of the minions and you have already finished the function of supplying the alter with blood and a soul then for making the minion spawn you will have to shift-right click the wooden part. The altar will use up your blood and soul if you aren’t creative enough. This will result in mob drops.

Download and Installation of the Necromancy Mod for Minecraft Version 1.4.7  

Download the open beta for Minecraft 1.4.7 from HERE


  1. First of all download the mod version compatible with your minecraft version.
  2. Next download the forge for your minecraft version.
  3. After that drag the forge and drop into the minecraft.jar.
  4. Finally place all the files of this mod to the mods folder
  5.  Now, execute the game and have fun.
The Necromancy Mod for Minecraft [1.4.7], 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings