Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7]

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Before going to the overview of Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7] let’s take a look at the quotation of John Dee from Mathematical Preface to Euclid’s Elements (1570) “Thaumaturgy… which gives certain order to make strange works, of the sense to be perceived and of men greatly to be wondered at.

The word ‘Thaumaturgy’ actually refers to the proficiency of a certain magician to go through miraculous functions. The practitioner of this ‘Thaumaturgy’ is generally called a ‘Thaumaturge’, ‘Thaumaturgist’ or miracle worker.

This mod consists of all these situations associated with magic. In Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7] magic is drawn from physical objects. This is done in the form of Essentia and then reshaped it for performing miracles.

For getting started with Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7] you will have to craft a wand initially. An illustration of the crafting of the Wand of the Apprentice has been given to you-

Then just put a bookshelf in the world. After that you have to right click on it with the wand. This will provide you with the ‘Thaumonomicon’ that will clarify all the concepts, functions and explanation of the mod which are necessary to know for approaching further with the mod Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7].


Download Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7]:

Download it from HERE.

Installation of Thaumcraft 3.0.0i for Minecraft [1.4.7]:

  • First of all you have to install FORGE
  • Then Download this very mod and put the zip into the mods directory.
  • Now run the game and enjoy!!!