Tale of Kingdom [V 1.4.1] for Minecraft [1.4.4]

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Tale of Kingdom [v 1.4.1] for Minecraft [1.4.4] has come as an interactive mod of Minecraft. It’s a mod based on adventure allowing you to act as a king, a king who tries to prove the worth of his throne by stand against evil and raising the kingdom of him. And the king is you who will be functioning.

But before acting as a ruler of your kingdom you must have to prove yourself that you deserve that seat of king to the Guild Master.

Downloads and requirements of  Tale of Kingdom [V 1.4.1] for Minecraft [1.4.4]:

This Minecraft [1.4.4] Tale of Kingdom [V 1.4.1] will require forge

Download Tale of Kingdom V 1.4.1

Installing  Tale of Kingdom [V 1.4.1] for Minecraft [1.4.4]:

  • Ø First of all start with Minecraft 1.4.4
  • Ø Delete the file named “META-INF”
  • Ø Now install Forge
  • Ø After that put the Tale of Kingdom v1.4.1.zip inside the /mods folder
  • Ø Now run a test to ensure that everything is ok.
  • Ø Finally run the game and enjoy!!!

One thing to be remembered regarding Tale of Kingdom V 1.4.1 for Minecraft [1.4.4], that it can load after a little while. The programs have got some stuff to do before loading the world completely. So keep patience until the world’s loaded.


  • cookieman

    I have problem i installed it worked first world played it made a knew world and it wont even ask me if i want to start quest kingdom no load

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