ShapeShifter Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Are you growing tired of the same old Minecraft player model? Sure, being a human is fun for a while, but there are so many other mobs in the Minecraft world. The ShapeShifter Mod allows you to become those mods by simply pressing the ‘U’ key.

After pressing ‘U’, players see a list of various mobs. Simply click on a mob and the player will instantly transform. As of now, the ShapeShifter mod allows players to turn into the following mobs:

-Chicken: As a chicken, players can fly short distances

-Wolf: Wolves can run significantly faster than normal players

-Creeper: When players turn into a creeper, they can hiss and explode

-Fish: Fish can see perfectly underwater

-Golem: Golems can smash enemies that are far away

-Giants: Giants punch blocks, causing them to explode and destroy the surrounding environment

-Enderman: Enderman can teleport around the world simply by pressing right-click after highlighting a certain block

-Snowman: After transforming into a snowman, players leave snow wherever they go

-Spider: Spiders jump two blocks high and can climb any block vertically as if there were a ladder on every block

-Ocelot: Ocelots move as fast as wolves

-Blaze: Blazes can create fireballs and are immune to fire/lava damage

Each mob also has unique advantages, disadvantages, and weaknesses. The ocelot does three extra melee damage, for example, while the ghast allows you to fly as if you were in creative mode. As a giant, players have 50HP and can squash mobs by stepping on them. There are a lot of cool traits to each character model, and players will discover these traits as they move throughout the world.

The ShapeShifter Mod is useful when you’re traveling around the map and need to get through a unique challenge. You might be traveling deep underground and need to climb a vertical wall, for example. Simply press ‘U’ and turn into a spider. Then, if you need to cross lava, you can do so by becoming a Blaze.

When players transform into smaller mobs, their perspective changes. After transforming into a wolf, for example, players can now travel through holes that are only 1 block tall. As a larger enderman, however, players can only travel through holes that are at least three blocks tall.

The ShapeShifter Mod is a cool way to expand the functionality of Minecraft. Whether you want to role-play as a creeper or wreak havoc on the world as a golem, the ShapeShifter Mod can help you transform into just about every mob in the game.

Installing the ShapeShifter Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

Step 1) Download the ShapeShifter Mod from this thread

Step 2) Drag all the class files from the mod folder into the Minecraft.jar folder, which can be found by searching for %appdata% in the Windows search bar

Step 3) Overwrite files when prompted

Step 4) Fire up Minecraft and enjoy!

ShapeShifter Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 4.8 out of 5 based on 57 ratings
  • the mod is for minecraft 1.3.2????
    because in the thread says that its for 1.2.5
    sorry for my bad english im mexican

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  • The link you supplied in this article does indeed direct us to the 1.2.5 version of minecraft on the forum. Where is the 1.3.2 version please?

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  • DJEnderman64

    whoever uploaded this mod has a disability for matching numbers.

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  • Joseph Diaz

    How did they mess that up? it’s 1.2.5

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  • BrianHernando

    Argh I’m trying to download tomanyitems mod and when I try to open minecraft.Jar it says “could not open minecraft.jar, please check console for possible messages” Please help me 🙁

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  • Assar Diwanel

    Where is the fucking 1.4.5???

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  • Doesn’t work everytime i press u button. it just gives weird gui next to inventory

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