RPG Inventory Mod V4.0 for Minecraft [1.4.7]

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RPG inventory mod V4.0 for minecraft [1.4.7] containing 3D items, jewelry, capes and many more features is an awesome addition in the era of minecraft mods. This mod has got many interesting features and terms regarding those features that have been jotted down in the following section.

A new Inventory:

While you are inside the vanilla inventory try to open the rpg inventory by using “End”.

6 new Slots:

This includes Necklace, Shield, Rings, a Cape and Gloves.

The jewelry has different forms and effects. The forms and effects have been given below.

  • Gold Jewelry : Speed an JumpBoost (active effect)
  • Diamond Jewelry: Healing (passive effect)
  • Lapis Lazuli Jewelry : Damage boost (active effect) and Weapon Regen (passive effect)
  • Emerald Jewelry : various Buffs(active effect)



The armor components include

  • Tanned Hide (archer)                                                                        
  • Archer’s Bow of Birch
  • Animal Hides (Berserker)
  • Berserker’s Claymore
  • The RageBreaker
  • Mage Cloth (mages)
  • The Soul Sphere
  • Mage Staff
  • Wizard’s Knowledge, Volume1





3D Weapons and Armor:

When you are wearing the armor sets in full then you can activate the proper effects by right clicking the suitable weapon.

  • Berserker
  • Claymore: If you are using the full set then right click to have the powerful boost for attacking with the claymore.
  • Rage Breaker: When your health is below 2 hearts then unleash your rage by simply right clicking the weapon.
  • Berserker bonus: For achieving this bonus you need to punch the grass. These are actually rage seeds. You will have instant hunger after eating those that will result in the activation of rage.
  • Mage
  • Soul Sphere: This help in attacking mobs, randomly setting them on fire, or lunching them up in the air, attacking them with 2 extra hearts of damage!
  • Lunar staff: Lunar staff is used to heal yourself. You need to charge it up by right clicking it. The long you charged the long it heals you.
  • Archer
  • Bow: When you are wearing full archer armor, this bow can only be fired then. Some functions of this bow contain—
    • garantee always critical hit

v    less charge time

v    no arrows have to be present in your inventory

v    knockback

v    sets mobs on fire

v    high damage

Capes and Jewelry Rendered On the player:

Gloves and necklace will be rendered on the player including armor. Five different capes of different colors can be obtained by crafting. These capes include

  • Red Cape
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Cape
  • Blue Cape
  • Subaraki’s Cape




Download Rpg Inventory Mod for 1.4.7 Forge; v4.0        from here—–   DOWNLOAD

Download ModPatch for v4.0—– DOWNLOAD

It is recommended to download the ModPatch.


  • First of all download and install the forge
  • Then download RpgInventory Mod
  • Put inside the “mods” folder (to find this folder, press ‘windows’+R, and enter %appdata% in the screen that just popped up.hit enter. ” .minecraft ” should be one of the first folders)
  • Now run the game and enjoy

If you are using server then follow the following-

  • Download THIS
  • Now run it into a separate folder
  • Download forge from HERE
  • Now change the name of the “forge.zip” to “forge.jar”
  • Then run the forge.jar
  • You have to wait for the server to be loaded
  • Stop server via command “stop”
  • Last of all Drop mod into mods folder located in folder with forge and server jar’s.
  • Run the game and enjoy!!!





RPG Inventory Mod V4.0 for Minecraft [1.4.7], 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings