Mo’Creatures Mod V 4.1.3 for Minecraft 1.4.2

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Mo’Creatures mod v 4.1.3 has come with many additional features and function for Minecraft. Some features that have been added to this mod are discussed follow-

  • Snails:  These creatures are very slow and hide inside their shells. If there’s no existence of shell then hiding doesn’t occur. They drop slime balls.


  • Insects: Insects include butterflies, flies, bees, fireflies, dragonflies and crickets



  • Turkeys: They are quite forthright type of stuffs. Raw turkeys are dropped by them. They can be cooked if they are killed.


  • Horses: They are the first of all controllable mounts in Minecraft. You have to domesticate them for riding on top of them. A tamed horse won’t show any despawn. There are different kinds of horses in this mod numbering 35. Saddles are to be used to ride horses. You will need to tame your horse by riding it repeatedly. Feeding the horse hay, sugar lumps or apples will make that procedure of domestication easier.


For obtaining rare horses you will need to have a zebra and rare essences like essence of fire, essence of undead and essence of darkness. Essence of light can be constituted by combining the other three essences.


Zebras can be obtainable on plain biomes. By changing the “Zebra Chance” option the frequency of zebra’s spawning can be increased.


If you are able to tame a zebra then a Zorse can be breed. An Essence of fire and essence of darkness will transform a Zorse into a nightmare and a bat horse respectively. And an essence of light to a nightmare will result into an Unicorn that fall very slowly and can clasp other creatures.


An essence of light to a bat horse that is high in the sky will be transformed into a Pegasus.


The Pegasus and the Unicorn can breed a white fairy horses through disappearing themselves in the breeding process. An essence of light is necessary for the purpose of their mating.


A blue or pink fairy horse can be generated by adding a light blue dye or a pink dye to a white fairy horse.


Some particular horses can be captured by Amulets-


  1. Amulet of the sky for capturing Pegasus
  2. Fairy Amulet for capturing the fairy horses
  3. Bone amulets for capturing skeleton horses
  4. Ghost amulets for capturing ghost horses

Horses are now facilitated with armors like iron horse armor, gold horse          armor and diamond horse armor. Crystal armors are used for the rare horses.

For getting dismounted from a horse simply click the sneak key (shift)

Breeding horses:

(1)  The horses that are associated with breeding should be kept close, not more than 4 blocks.

(2)  There should be no presence of other horses within 8 blocks.

(3)  Suitable foods should be feed them for the commencement of the breeding process.

(4)  One or two minecraft day will be needed.




Using Horses’ Inventory:

(1)  Donkeys, mules, Pegasus, black Pegasus and fairy horses are able to carry bags

(2)  You need to break the horse, that means the horses should be domesticated

(3)  An appearance of a key will occur at the inventory. You will be privileged with the key to get access to any horse inventory. The key can be crafted in the situation you lost it.


  • Ostriches: Ostriches can be found in plains and desert biomes. They are found in the form of male, female and chicks. If male ostriches are attacked then they try counter attacking. On the other hand in the same situation the females and the chicks will be getting themselves hidden in the ground. But there’s some females that will fight you back if their eggs are stolen.

You can’t tame the wild ostriches but the chicks can be tamed by acquiring an ostrich egg and hatching it. The domesticated ostrich chick can also be named. The ostrich chick can be commanded by a whip when they will get to the adulthood. With the help of a saddle over a tamed adult ostrich you can also ride it. Generally the male ostriches are fast but the rare albino ostriches will outrun the speed of the male ostriches.


  • Snakes: Eight different kinds of snakes are available in this mod. There’s also existence of couple of shy snakes that will run away from the player. Aggressive pythons are also available.

Rattlesnakes are only found on deserts while pythons are found on swamps and jungles.

The snakes are normally attracted by a player carrying any bird or mice. Snakes’ eggs are obtainable. The baby snake can be tamed and tamed snake won’t attack the player.

The snakes include shy dark green snake, shy dark spotted snake, coral, green snake, orange snake, cobra, rattle snake, python.


  • MantaRays: These are peaceful creatures and you won’t be bothered by them.


  • Stingrays: These can be found in the waters of most biomes in exception with the ocean and snow biomes. These will try to hide at the bottom of the water. They will poison you if you get too close to it. So try to avoid stepping on them.


  • Jellyfish: These will be found on most waters. The have the property of being luminescent in night. These are poisonous and you will get poisoned being so close to them. So be careful.


  • Added Goats: It is so much easy to tame a goat by just dropping some edible food near to them. Rope can be used to make the tamed goats follow you. Try to milk the female goats but not the male goats. Goats can attack if they are incited. As goats are omnivorous they can eat any edible item appears near to them.
  • Crocodiles: They will be found wandering about near beaches in the swamp biomes. The sleeping crocodile can attack you instantly and will surprise you with its speed. So be careful of this creature.