Minecraft Version Changer Downgrade Minecraft 1.1.0 to 1.0.0

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Hey guys, Today I had to downgrade my Minecraft back to version 1.0.0 because my server host has not updated Minecraft to 1.1.0 yet.

If you need to downgrade you Minecraft to 1.0.0 or any other version  check out Minecraft Version Changer v14.0 it, It is the most easy, simple to use, Minecraft Version Switcher around, it’s a great tool and a must have download.

It also features a force update feature.

Downgrade or Upgrade your Minecraft to Versions to

1.1_02 Beta

1.2_02 Beta

1.3 Beta

1.3_01 Beta

1.4.7 Beta

1.4.7_01 Beta

1.5 Beta

1.5_01 Beta

1.6.2 Beta

1.6.4 Beta

1.6.5 Beta

1.6.6 Beta

1.7_01 Beta

1.7.2 Beta

1.7.3 Beta

1.8 Beta

1.8.1 Beta


and the Latest 1.1.0

Hope this helps you out as much as it has helped me, it’s an extremely useful tool.