Minecraft Capes Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Minecraft Capes 1.4.7  Minecraft Mod Update

This sweet little mod allows the user to equip a cape on the back of their Minecraft character, adding a bit of extra fun to already awesome everyday Minecraft gameplay. Not only will you be able to see it, but if anyone else owns the mod, you can view each other’s capes! How exhilarating!

The installation follows the simple procedure of download, and drag’n’drop the files into your Minecraft.jar folder. (Download and site links will be displayed at the bottom of this post). Next you’ll want to head back over to the site, and pick a cape! One great thing about this mod is the fact that much like MC skins, they are fully customizable; all you need is a piece of software to edit the reference image, and a bit of patience! After either saving a skin image, or making your own, you follow a procedure similar to Minecraft’s skin system, which involves a quick sign-in to their site with your MC Username and a custom Password, then finding your way to the cape upload screen and uploading the image.

Minecraft Capes Galley

One thing that’s great about this mod is that it adds another element of customisation to an already fully appearance customisable games. Not to mention of course that it’s rather novelty. What’s also great is the wide selection on the cape gallery, which seems to be composed of mainly user’s uploads. So, if you’re feeling too lazy to make your own, why not take a browse?

Minecraft Capes Gallery

Although at first it seems pretty basic for a MC mod, keep in mind that it’s still in its early stages. This will of course unfortunately mean the occasional flaw or glitch involving the mod. It seems also that the creator (cjz__) Him/herself is attempting to make strong links with Mojang in both problem solving, and User-requested function adding (for instance cape transparencies) so it’s evident the creator cares about the user’s views too!

Minecraft capes accordingly has over 50,000 different Minecraft users basking in its customised delights, so downloading it and trying it out doesn’t exactly sound like a bad idea to a colour loving person such as myself. However of course, it seems that the MC forum page is littered with questions and flaws, so keep in mind that an instant reply to a question may be hopeful thinking as cjz__ seems pretty busy with questions and requests. One great thing about the forum however, is that the title post in the thread is covered in previews and instructions of how to install, so getting lost with this mod has been made pretty difficult.

To summarise:
Adds another thick layer of MC customisation and novelty, but is currently pretty simplistic. The installation and cape uploading process’ are pretty damn easy, so using this sweet little thing isn’t going to take you a century just to get your head around. However of course like everything, people manage to nit-pick or even prone themselves to flaws, so the forums are pretty clogged.

Either way, I quite like it. xD

Download Minecraft Capes 1.4.7 here

Minecraft Capes Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 4.8 out of 5 based on 19 ratings