Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod 1.5.5

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Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod 1.5.5 has been introduced as a newly and fresh mod of Minecraft. It’s also known as the PaintGun mod. It’s now been fully released. This mod will provide you with the facility to paint any regular block with any shade of color.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5 press G for opening up the Graphics User Interface that is generated mathematically and you will be able to choose among 16.7 million colors. Lapis, Rose Red and Cactus Green dyes are generally consumed by the PaintGun. The consumption rate is actually depends on the choice you have made with the color to paint.

You can spray on blocks that look transparent for having a fancy look. The removal of paint can result inconvenience without the appropriate tools.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V1.5.5 if you have got sand in your own inventory then the PaintGun gets doubled as a sandblaster.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5 dang creepers are available that continuously will be trying to destroy your works of arts. In that case by pressing V you can have the operations of throwing few chunks of flint right in the PaintGun and laying waste with them to get rid of those creepers. If you wish to do some destruction then just hold shift simultaneously right clicking on the mobs for engaging scatter shot. But be careful about yourself, this flint can cause burning yourself too.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5, it’s not a very bad news that the modified Paint gun has not gained that much promising accuracy.

The knife, The Putty is a less slow than the sandblaster. For recovering some of the paint that you lost you can use just an iron ingot above a wooden plank.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5 if the chests are painted with the same color by the same player then the chests are linked. You have got the privilege to link as many chests you want according to your need, because you are facilitated with different colors.

Keep it in mind that shift-Spraying Blocks paint a 3×3 area concerned with the face you spray. Side blocks paint vertically while bottom and top blocks paint horizontally.

In Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5 you have got the facility to change the name of the paint gun from the GUI. This will provide advantage to people in keeping track of the colors that are saved to different gun.

Download Minecraft [1.4.7] [1.4.2] [Forge] Paint Mod V 1.5.5

For Minecraft [1.4.7]

  • Get Forge 6.0.3 from here.
  • Get the universal version
  • Now place everything in the zip, as you normally do, inside .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.

Download Paint Mod [1.4.7] v1.5.5

For Minecraft [1.4.2]

  • Get Forge 6.0.1from here.
  • Get the universal version
  • Now place everything in the zip, as you normally do, inside .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.

Download Paint Mod [1.4.2] v1.5.2

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