Minecraft [1.4.2] [FORGE] PizzaCraft

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Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft comes as a mod of Minecraft that will facilitate you with growing tomatoes and making pizzas.

In Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft tomato plants are generated randomly. Tomato seeds are dropped by these plants. These tomato plants can also be sheared. The seeds that are dropped by the tomato plants can be planted and grown into maturity. Bonemeal can be used to fertilize or enrich the plants. Tomato plants provide with tomatoes and the tomatoes are dropped.

Randomly generated tomato plants

In Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft pizza blocks and their items are available that can suitably be placed.

The recipes of Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft

  • 4 Raw dough is crafted
  • Making cooked daugh through smelting
  • Crafting of cheese
  • After that a slice of pizza
  • Now it’s a full pizza that can easily be placed and eaten
  • Last of all it is the pizza box

Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft will require Minecraft Forge 1.4.2

Downloads for Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft

1. PizzaCraft 1.4.2

2. forge 1.4.2

Installation process of Minecraft [1.4.2] [Forge] PizzaCraft:

  • First of all download Minecraft forge for Minecraft 1.4.2
  • Next locate your .minecraft folder by searching %appdata%’
  • Now open minecraft.jar
  • The folder named ‘META-INF’ should be deleted
  • Put all the files of Minecraft Forge into minecraft.jar of your pc
  • Now download PizzaCraft 1.4.2
  • Find the “/mods” folder
  • If you cannot find any folder named this then create one inside .minecraft folder
  • After that put the PizzaCraft.zip into that specific (/mods) folder
  • Finally execute PizzaCraft and Enojy!!!!



Minecraft [1.4.2] [FORGE] PizzaCraft, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating