Millénaire NPC Village 2.0.9 Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Millénaire 1.2.5 is an absolutly fantasic single-player minecraft mod, designed by “” in aims to fill out some of the emptiness of the minecraft world by adding a nice variety of NPC villages.

Villages are loosely based on a 11th century, Norman, North Indian and Mayan themes, with other additional cultures to be added later on in the mod development.

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In the mod, villages are populated with men, woman and children of all different kinds, they can preform certain tasks, for example, trading with the player, improving current buildings or expending current buildings, cultivating crops, crafting tools and amulets, the list just goes on and on, there is an absolute ton of new content included in this mod.

Millénaire NPC Mayan Village

Villages will be become more populated as the  couples  in villages have children, who will then grow up in to adults themselves.

Be sure to check out Millénaire Library here, it contains some great user-created content to extend this mod even further.

Millénaire is currently available in 11 different languages! English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Slovenian and there are more languages coming soon.

Download Millénaire NPC Village

In the latest update (2.0.9), there have been some new lone buildings added, the normand bandit tower and a mayan pyramid, there have also been some fixes to the Japanese buildings, and an increase  in the chances of a panthéon spawning.

Patch Notes:

2.0.9 – 26/12/11
– New lone buildings by Baldur: Normand Bandit Tower and Mayan Pyramid
– Fixes to the Japanese buildings by Rasseru
– Increase in the likelihood of the Panthéon spawning

2.0.8 – 22/12/11
– It is now possible to find the Sadhu and the Alchemist even without an introduction mission (finding them is much more likely after it however)
– It is now possible to by cider apples from lumbermen’s huts to sell them to taverns, allowing faster transfers between hamlets and villages than waiting for the merchant to do it
– Fixed a major bug in world generation which could cause Minecraft to crash when generating new chunks

2.0.7 – 18/12/11
– When doing the adivasi mission, an adivasi farm will get generated when exploring a new marsh (existing adivasi farms still work as well)
– Updated German translation by Ticlon
– Fixed inversion of the Mayan building and object parchments
– Minor fixes

2.0.6 – 14/12/11
– Several fixes to the japanese crafter to enable him to properly craft paper, paper walls and timber frames
– Japanese farmers’ wives now produce five thatch per wheat instead of one like before
– Improvements to Japanese building names by Rasseru
– Minor fixes to the Mayans
– Minor fixes to quest displays

2.0.5 – 11/12/11
– Fixes to Japanese villagers by Rasseru
– Other minor fixes

2.0.4 – 10/12/11
– Improved historical accuracy of Japanese villages by Rasseru: new skins, changes to the names of villagers and villages
– Complete rework of the exploration quests. They now work with completion % that increases whenever traveling to new areas of the biome at night. There is no requirement to complete them in one stretch or in one night, or even in a single forest/desert/mountain range.

2.0.3 – 07/12/11
– More improvements to the exploration quests
– Minor fixes

2.0.2 – 06/12/11
– Controlled village for the Japanese
– Improvements to the “exploration” quests: fixed “time shift” bug, added warnings when getting out of the biome, added warnings when not moving fast enough.
– Removed warning when damaging locked chests, as it no longer breaks villages
– Tweaks to Japanese paddy to make it easier to build

2.0.1 – 04/12/11
– Fixed bug where thatch would not get produced in Japanese villages
– Added thatch and paper walls to the creative inventory
– Fixes to Japanese prices
– Fixes to Japanese texts

2.0 – 01/12/11
– Japanese culture by Minepower!
* Three village type, 22 types of villagers, 29 buildings, including the mighty pagoda and an elegant palace with Japanese ornamental garden
* Two new blocks: thatched roofs and paper walls (translucent “panes” block type)
* Custom Japanese food
* Custom quests
– Very rare Panthéon lone building (half-sized copy of the Paris one) displaying the names of people who contributed to Millénaire (idea by Peyko)

Millénaire NPC Village 2.0.9 Updated for Minecraft 1.2.5, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings