TooManyItems Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Ever wandered, ‘Is there a mod out there, to let me spawn ANYTHING in my Minecraft survival game’? If so, then TooManyItems 1.4.7 by Marglyph is a mod for you!

If you’re unfamiliar with this delight of a mod, I’ll quickly run through its ability:

TMI is a mod system that allows the user, to spawn pretty much any item, directly into their survival game , with the somewhat resent addition, of the ability to change survival time of day, change from survival mode to creative mode or to turn rain on or off. Not only can one spawn in items, but you can also delete them, or save up to around eight inventories!(sounds like a whole load of fun if you ask me)!

This mod was based around the early idea, of the outer-game mod ‘InvEdit’ which did pretty much the same thing, only with the ability to spawn items, and to edit the health bars of your game-items via its own external client. One fantastic thing about TooManyItems is of course that you won’t have to either close Minecraft’s client, or even your game as the items are displayed in-game, ready for you select the items you want.

The installation of TMI, like many other mods, will only involve a download of the files (, then a simple drag’n’drop of them into your Minecraft.jar folder (with the removal of META-inf naturally). After that, simply go into your Minecraft survival game, and open your inventory! Oh… Nothing’s happening? Simple! Press [o] to either activate or de-activate the spawning menu (that’s positioned on both the right and left of the Inventory GUI). This also activates the Time and Weather changing buttons, along-side the Delete function.

Admittedly, since the arrival of Creative mode, many people (Including myself) have been pretty much put off of TMI, as it really does seem un-necessary. However of course keep in mind that the focus isn’t just on the spawning, it’s on the fact that you can edit things like weather and time, which the raw Minecraft client doesn’t offer. Not only this, but its GUI and overall feel does seem to almost beat creative mode’s standard appearance. Also, since this mod will look for all available items to be spawned, it will usually give the user the ability to spawn in items that have been added by another mod (for instance the Animal Bikes Mod’s rawhide and saddles).

To summarise:

The installation and overall usage is pretty easy, yet however some may consider it out dated due to the arrival of creative mode. The mod will allow you to spawn in objects that the creative GUI windows will not, and it also has the ability to change time, weather and Game mode.

I’ve been using this mod since Beta, and personally, I think it beats MC Creative any day! 😀

Download TooManyItems Mod here

TooManyItems Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 4.8 out of 5 based on 131 ratings