InfiCraft updated for Minecraft 1.2.5 InfiTools,Blocks & Weapons

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InfiCraft 1.2.5 is made up of a collection of mods, it allows you to make up your essential items a lot easier, by adding a a huge variety of new items to make them from.

InfiCraft mod is split up between 5 client side mods or 3 server side mods, or there is a mod package available which contains all the mods for either the client or the server.


– InfiTools Core

– InfiTools Hybrids 0.9.8

– InfiBlocks 0.4.1

– Balkon’s InfiWeapons 0.9.4

– Flora Preview (Seed Bags)


-InfiTools Core

-InfiTools Hybrids 0.9.8

– InfiBlocks 0.4.1

The amount of tool combinations included with this mod is unreal, 240 combinations per tool and each with their own abilities, that’s a huge number or combinations! Not only that, new crafting tables and carpets for your house!

InfiCraft Crafting Tables and Carpet

Most of the tools included in the mod pack have some sort of features or powers, for example, some tools could turn creepers into statues, set pigs on fire or dig up slimes from the ground, anything is possible.

InfiCraft Tools Features and Powers

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InfiCraft updated for Minecraft 1.2.5 InfiTools,Blocks & Weapons, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings