Elemental Orbs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The title, Elemental Orbs Mod tells us that this mod focuses on the functions of the Orbs. Let’s explore the Orbs that constitutes the mod. The contents, Orbs and some of the recipes have been depicted following


  • Orb:


  • Fire Orb:
Fire orb

Fire orb

  • Lightning Orb:
Lightning orb

Lightning orb

  • Ender Orb:
Ender orb

Ender orb

  • Dry Orb:
Dry orb

Dry orb

  • Nature Orb:
Nature orb

Nature orb

  • Explosion Orb:
Explosion orb

Explosion orb

  • Ice Orb:
Ice orb

Ice orb

  • Water Orb:
Water orb

Water orb

  • Nether Orb:
Nether orb

Nether orb

  • Animal Orb:
Animal orb

Animal orb

  • Defender Orb:
Defender orbs

Defender orbs

  • Omega Upgrader:
omega upgrader

omega upgrader

Orb Uses:

Fire Orb:

  • catches nearby mobs on fire

Lightning Orb:

  • strikes nearby entities with lightning

Explosion Orb:

  • Explodes nearby entities

Ice Orb:

  • freezes nearby water
  • “freezes” nearby mobs

Ender Orb:

  • must be right clicked on a mob
  • teleports mob away

Dry Orb:

  • evaporates nearby water
  • kills all nearby plant life
  • turns some nearby grass/dirt into dirt/sand

Nature Orb:

  • grows nearby crops
  • turns nearby stone brick/cobblestone into their mossy versions
  • plants trees
  • plants grass
  • plants flowers

Water Orb:

  • keeps you surrounded in water while right clicking
  • useful for escaping mobs, getting across ravines, scaling walls, or preventing fall damage
  • takes practice to use efficiently
  • -To use efficiently, hold right click and move just as if you were flying

Nether Orb:

  • turns ground materials into nether materials
  • spawns occasional lava
  • plants mushrooms and nether wart
  • spawns a few zombie pigmen

Animal Orb:

  • spawns random passive mobs on nearby grass
  • occasionally spawns a zombie

Defender Orb:

  • spawns a wolf (and a bugged one, it’s being worked on)
  • omega version spawns an iron golem (and a bugged one, it’s being worked on)

Omega Upgrader:

  • when right clicked with an orb, turns that orb into its omega version
  • gets destroyed when the above action is performed

Omega Ore:

  • rare ore that glows slightly
  • drops one omega stone when mined


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Elemental Orbs Mod
  • Put Elemental Orbs Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


Download from here

Download from here