Dungeon Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

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The Minecraft is being enriched by so many featured mods and with their lucrative contents. Dungeon Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7 is such an attractive mod containing a whole lot components for the full entertainment of the player.

This mod is considered to be more dangerous corresponding to Mo’ Creatures Mod. This mod has brought into light some very hostile and dangerous mobs in lieu of providing with new and liven up animals. This mod didn’t change the ambience too. But I bet you are surely going to like what it have stored for you.

The interesting thing is that all that hostile mobs will stand against you as a challenge and you will be requiring to plan tactically and strategically to beat their fatal pose. “Hit it with your sword”, the old stand-by may work for a few but it’s not the best strategy or even a viable way out.

A little overview of the mobs have been given here.

Blade Trap:

This is quite an uncommon device and can be found in the surreptitious places of the world. The name is given blade trap because it is a trap and it is bladed.

When any enthusiastic stroll around it, the blade trap springs to life, flinging itself towards the stranger with implausible speed. Once it reaches a safe place or possibly just runs into a wall it powers down, turning back into an inert block, lying in wait for other prey.

Remember that, you cannot build these devices of mayhem: they “naturally” “spawn” in the world, but only in localities that are clearly built by brainy and intellectual hands. You can put these objects if you are in creative mode (look under the combat tab, naturally), and these devices will disregard players in creative mode.


Manticores are ill-tempered cousins of lions and other such large predatory cats. These possess countless spines, which act as their principal means of attack. When they got angry or even just hungry they are fit to launch a volley of spines at their prey.


Cockatrice are born of a yolkless egg and are dreadful creatures of offensive temperament. They are specifically well known for their skill to turn their prey into stone – an unfortunate effect for those who venture into their lairs. Though their bites are mostly mild but there is always a chance that one nip will turn you into inert stone, along with all your gear.

You should manage to return to the site of your ill-timed transformation, perhaps you will find your petrified self and be able to free your items from your past personification.




Lizalfos are actually lizardmen who wield swords and reside in the depths. They will always seem in a twinned pair, never one at a time, and each pair acts crudely in tandem.

A shield-like device is carried by the lizalfos. They are adept to this device and this device is capable of blocking the projectiles that are coming towards you. The Lizalfos are quite capricious and can leap high distances. They can also land on their feet in a well manner.

As they work in pairs a lizalfos will leave the combat rather risking death when it gets wounded. This allows its twin to take over the fighting while it licks its wounds and recovers. When wounded a lizalfos flies even faster than it normally does. Once its wounds are recovered, or if its twin sees good to flee, it will return to the combat.




Rakshasas are an uncommon breed of creature. These interact deep within the darkness of the world. They deal comparatively sound with illithids. You may stumble across them plotting together.

As the Rakshasas are capable of doing a lot trickery they are considered as powerful spellcasters. They have been given the power of invisibility and making illusive duplications of themselves.

As for being spellcasters, rakshasas intermittently carry tomes of power with them. While not useful by themselves, they can be used to infuse powerful magic into weapons, armor, or tools.

Hell Hound:

In essence, a hell hound is the demonic next of kin to the common wolf. Hell hounds are vindictive and are not interested get along with you – only in spreading fire, an awareness they pursue readily by breathing forth bursts of flame. Even their bite itself is quite enough to set the creatures on fire.

These can be found in the overworld, though hardly. Hell hounds are more frequently found in the fiery pits of the Nether from whence they spawn, where their natural kinship for the inferno keeps them right at home.


The bodily attacks of Illithids are not that strong. But when they attack you, they fasten their tentacles onto your head and when all four are adjusted they extract your brain, killing you promptly. In the meantime, their mental powers keep you continuously slackened, allowing them to have you without any disturbance.

And if you think for a while that bringing your little dogs and cats to the combat against these will help you, you are mistaken. As illithids are only fascinated in eating human brains, they have another use for such simple-minded creatures: turning them on their masters. Illithids will take a very little time before dealing with you to take over the minds of your animal buddies and slowly will turning the tide against you. As their control over them is dependent on their mind, as soon as the illithid gets killed your not-so-faithful friends will return to your side.

Important: Due to the way tamed animals save their data, any animals that are subjugated will stay that way if you close the game – or it crashes – while around an illithid. This is being worked on, but it can’t be said how long it will take. Engage illithids with pets along at your own risk!


Try not to be fooled with their unconventional advent or garish colors. The destrachan is a terrifying killer of the depths. Their mastery of their sonar proficiencies is such that they can generate the frequencies required to shatter glass, crumble stone, and dissolve metal with little to no exertion.

When they go for hunting, they can modulate their vocal frequency to mess up the very air itself which results in a shockwave of eruptions as the water in the air is instantly boiled by way of resonant frequency. When pressed, destrachans resort to their claws rather than their sonic attacks, and while not as lethal as their harmonics, they can still slash flesh with comparative comfort.

Destrachans are highly resistant to kinetic force because of carrying a side effect of having such destructive powers. Explosions will work a little to daunt them.

Cave Fisher:

The cave fisher resides in the dark, and they don’t walk onto the surface. Cave fishers possess a number of capabilities beyond those of the common spider.

They will launch webs at their targets, entangling them and making them cooler prey for the fisher to catch. They also have the skill to grasp their aims from a distance and reel them in to within striking distance. That’s why they have been given the clever name, “cave fisher.”


Trolls are legitimately ordinary when you are discussing of their combat strategies. They typically just smack you until you stop moving. What extricates trolls is their extreme abhorrence of sunlight, rapid regenerative abilities, and hunger.

They will spawn in caves even in the highest mountains, but the condition is the caves should be incredibly dark – far darker than even normal monsters can spawn in. Trolls will escape from sunlight to the best of their ability, and will be slowed while in sunlight and also steadily turn to stone. While they are mostly inoffensive in daylight, they are unbelievably hazardous in darkness, where their renaissance will make even the most dangerous of weapons nigh-useless against them. Only one thing that is acknowledged to withstand their regeneration is “fire”.


Beholders are capable of flight. These creatures follow the deep parts of the world. While most other creatures are precarious only if you get within reach of their claws, the beholder is a vacillated monster. They shoot bolts of magical power.

If an eye ray strikes you, you will be subjected to all sorts of terrible effects. Each ray is different and applies different effects. Some will just damage you outright, some will poison you, and others will slow you down. Irrespective of the major qualities of the ray, it will always remove charms from some of your items.

Even if an eye ray misses you, it can still be a cause of harm if it strikes ground. Explosion will be the result.

Hook Horror:

In spite of the outlandishness of only having claws for hands, the hook horror is a treacherous enemy. It is relatively well proficient with its hooks. It is capable of quickly exenterating flesh and rending armor, and – against creatures that wield items – capable of ripping things right out of your hands. Enchanted armor may act as better shield to hold itself together against this creature’s assault.

It will also occasionally – and without warning – whip itself into a frenzy, barraging its target with a flurry of claws.

Umber Hulk:

Three words are even to epitomize the umber hulk: big, nasty, and scary. It hardly spawns in the depths of the world. This enemy is not of the class that is to be underestimated.

Auspiciously Umber Hulks are slow. But this is the only weakness they possess. They are extremely threatening and ludicrously irrepressible, immune to fire, and hit like a sledgehammer. Only the best-geared of adventurers should attempt to do battle with these beasts – to engage them otherwise will not be less short than foolishness.


The shrieker is totally and unreservedly inoffensive. You can walk straight to one. It won’t even make an attack to you. They don’t move, and while they might shake a bit, they’re not intellectual in the least.

However, shriekers aren’t named fatefully. When exposed to light, or when attacked or otherwise knocked by a creature, the shrieker emits an ear-piercingly loud trill, which fascinates the attention of nearby creatures – making them appear unexpectedly by the shrieker, without warning.

One way to think about a shrieker is that it is basically a living mob spawner… that can spawn any antagonistic mob (native to the overworld), and can summon a fairly large group at a time.


The ghoul is actually another undead thing. This has resemblance in nature to zombies. Ghouls are tougher, faster, and more dangerous than zombies. When you are struck by a ghoul, you are almost exclusively paralyzed for a few instants. Call it a good fortune if there is only one ghoul but if there are more… well perhaps, that will not end so well.

However, unlike zombies, you won’t find ghouls on the surface. While they burn up in sunlight just like all other undead, they are only found underground (no higher than 60 blocks above bedrock).

The ghoul texture is based on the Painterly Pack’s zombie skin.

Rust Monster:

These are residents of the underground that live on metals, both ferrous and precious, though they prefer ferrous metals. You won’t see them outside usually, and they will only be seen near veins of their favored meals, even if they’re not exposed. In this way, having these creatures around you might actually be somewhat helpful because they can lead you to iron and gold veins you might’ve otherwise missed. Rust monsters do not spawn in well-lit areas.

Rust Monster are not predominantly interested in you, unless you are wearing, wielding, or just carrying metal somewhere on your person, at which point they will attack you ferociously. Not only do they attack you, but they will also do severe damage to iron or gold items on your person – and if you hit them with an iron or gold weapon or tool, it will damage that item extremely more than it would in normal.

Rust Monsters

Rust Monsters


For 1.5.2:

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For 1.5.1:

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For 1.4.7:

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  • Then download the mod .zip file from the given link in the “downloads” section of this post
  • Place the .zip into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done.
  • Run the game and have a blast.
Dungeon Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating