Dukes Mini Mods Version 1.4.7

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In Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7] you will see the mods are being made within 1 or 2 hours. This results a tiny change to the form of the game. It should be remembered; as it’s just the beginning of the mods you will explore initially a small number of mods.

Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7] is privileged with the permission to show you about your ping in milliseconds. With the pressing of the action key ping will be taken 3 times and you will be provided with the maximum, the minimum and the average of those particular pings. In Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7], there’s an opportunity to   retest the mod pinging the server ingame or accessing the command prompt and typing “ping <serverIP>”. This will deliver you with a ping which is quite nearer to the ingame ping.

Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7] introduces fishing net that will help you catch fishes. This also includes some marine foods like crab and eel. For the proper use of the net it should be placed in water. Whether the water is static or flowing at least one side of the net should be touching the water. Within 16 blocks distance from it, a chest has to be placed so that it starts filling. To be got rid of being OP, the net will grab some drift woods that merely leaves with the use of furnace oil. While fishing, the net can be jammed with the dirt or seaweed. To throw out the seaweed a right click over the net is necessary. Though on that situation, the seaweeds seem to be unnecessary, it’s not actually certain that seaweeds are going to last or not.

Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7] enables the advantage of controlling zoom in or out and its amount with the help of the mouse wheel. The key (~) on the left side of 1 in the keyboard is used as the zoom key, but it can be changed from the control menu according to your preference.

Dukes Mini Mods [1.4.7] also introduces the treasure chests that brood within 4 blocks below the surface and merely in beach biomes. They include iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds, emeralds, diamond sword.

Dukes Mini Mods Version 1.4.7, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings