CJB Mods v.5.2.4 Updated For Minecraft 1.4.7

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I think there will be a few excited people out there Today, CJB Mods has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft 1.4.7. CJB mods is a mod pack  containing a lot of  different mods created by CJB.

Using CJB mods is extremely easy with there user friendly GUI which is included in the mod package. You can open up the GUI menu by pressing the Y key, from here you will be able to enable the mods you want or disable the mods you don’t want, a restart of your minecraft game is required after you enable/enable any of these mods.

I’ll talk through some of the mods included in this package now, Firstly

X-Ray Mod

This one is pretty self explanatory, it allows you to see through any block that is set to invisible. This mod works perfectly for both SSP and SMP.

X-Ray on/off  press X

Caves on/off press Z

Nightvision on/off press N

Menu press CTRL + X

More Info Mod

This mod is a great addition to the game, it adds a huge amount of useful information and features to the game including, a clock, a day counter, arrow counter, light level, bigger icons, hide icons, show fps, show biome, item info, mob info and show coordinates.

Teleport Mod

This is another extremely useful mod, it allows you to save your current location so you can then teleport back to it later, there is an unlimited amount of locations you can add. This mod is only SSP compatible.

Minimap Mod

This is one of my favorite mods and it’s fully SSP and SMP compatible. It adds a minimap to the top right corner of your screen which can be adjusted to show at 4 different zoom levels, it picks up various things including players, mobs, items and even has it’s own way point indicator. The minimap can be set to behave in 2 diffrent ways, rotate or static you can also move the minimap to the left or right side of the screen at anytime by changing the settings.

Cheats Mod

Again this mod and its features are pretty self explanatory.

Firstly, player cheats, infinite health, unbreakable armour, infinite health, one hit block destroy, one hit kill, unbreakable items, infinite arrows, no fall damage, minecart control, extended reach and pick up all arrows.

World cheats, instant furnace, walk over soil, fast growth, no pickaxe, attract items and editable mob spawner.

Weather cheats, always day, always night, rain on/off and thunder on/off.

Last of all,  flying cheats, toggle flying on/off and flying speed.

Item Spawner Mod

This mod will allow you to spawn any item you want, it’s very simple to use just press the J button to bring up the item spawner menu.

Mob Filter Mod

Fed up of creepers blowing you stuff up? Well its a good thing CJB has included this mod that allows you to choose what mobs spawn.

Advanced Chat Mod

Advanced chat is great, I’ve been using it a lot on my minecraft account.

It adds some great features to the chat, firstly it adds a chat log button so you can see all the things that have been said, it adds the ability to paste text from your clipboard into the minecraft chat, you can now cycle through the last 5 things you said by using the up and down arrow keys, if you make a mistake you can now use the left and right arrow keys to change the mistyped letter(s), rather than deleting the entire line and my favorite is the ping function so when someone types your name in chat you will hear a ping.


Step 1. Install ModLoader

Step 2. Put the contents of “Put in 32×32 Texture Pack” into your 32×32 texture pack zip file.

Step 3. Put the contents of “Put in Minecraft Folder” into you .Minecraft folder (to get to your .minecraft folder, press start and type %APPDATA% into search then press enter)

Step 3. Put the contents of “Put in minecraft.jar” into your minecraft.jar which is located in the .minecraft/bin folder (open the minecraft.jar using WinRAR)

Just in case you haven’t managed to install it properly, here is a video installation tutorial.

[youtube id=”oxmC8zfjF8I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[toggle title=”Change Log”]


– Fixed: Minecart Control

– Fixed: Activating some blocks when infinite items is disabled



– Added: Infinite Items cheat

– Added: Infinite XP

– Added: Compatibility with Forge 1.3.0

– Added: Fast Growth for Vines and Mushrooms

– Added: Second class for flying

– Added: Disable Rain/Thundering

– Fixed: Mobspawner no longer opens menu on placing.



– Fixed: trashcan textures

– Fixed: crash with minimap

– Added: coords to minimap

– Added: Minimap now shows, slimes,EnderDragon,Villager

– Re-added: Waypoint Indicator



– Added: Threading option for minimap

– Re-added: Show Players

– Fixed: Nightvisions goggles and nightvision xray (again)



– Compatibility with Minecraft 1.1

– Fixed: Goggles

– Added: Scrollbar to menu’s

– Redesigned Item Spawner and X-Ray menu

– Rewritten code for Minimap (some functions are still missing)

– Added: Show Slime Chunks on Minimap

– Added: Disable light for minimap

– Currently not support MC Forge



– Fixed: Players shown on minimap (height)

– Fixed: TP to Player

– Changed: Default tp command from /tp x y z to /tppos x y z

– Removed: Players tab from waypoint menu

– Fixed: Attractive items cheat when inventory is full

– Fixed: When chat is not showing up, disable chat mod because of mod conflicts.

– Changed: Item Spawner Command Vanilla/Essentials are now clickable in menu

– Fixed: Saving waypoints and tp locations for servers



– Fixed: crash when minmap mod disabled

– Fixed: Disable minimap button

– Fixed: MoreInfo and Minimap invisible when Debug screen is open.

– Change: Moved scroll buttons.

– Added: Disabled Chat Mod under options.

– Updated: 32×32 Textures thanks to Dweller_Benthos



– Added: Advanced Chat Mod.

– Update: Minemap now has colors for all blocks



– Added Cheat: Editable Mob Spawner (Change mob, mine Mob Spawner Block)

– Fixed: Change appearance of Villagers with Mobster Wand



– Really fixed minimap NESW Indictors

– Added new Minimap option, detailed. (removes tallgrass, etc)

– Mobster Wand can now change appearance of villagers by right-clicking a villager

– Added Coords to MoreInfo

– 32×32 textures updated (Thanks to Dweller_Benthos)



– Fixed minimap NESW Indicators

– Made Attractive Items cheat toggable

– Added Cave Spider to Mob Filter

– Added Dragon Egg to Item Spawner

– Added Recipe for Mobster Wand



– Compatibility for 1.0.0

– Rearranged menu buttons


Download CJB Mods here

CJB Mods v.5.2.4 Updated For Minecraft 1.4.7, 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings