Cheese Mod for Minecraft 1.5

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Cheese Mod for Minecraft 1.5 has come up with a bunch of cheese type and weapons and obviously is an amazing addition in the world of Minecraft.

Right now the mod has been oriented with seven cheeses and one cheese sword.

A short introduction of The Cheeses:

Plain Cheese:

The plain cheese is the first one to come. It can restore one hunger bar. You need to smelt a bucket of milk to get it.

plane cheese
plane cheese

Brie Cheese:

This cheese is quite mouthwatering with its nice and creamy look. It can restore two hunger bars. For getting this one you will have to put two pieces of plain cheese anywhere on the workbench.

brie cheese
brie cheese

Gouda Cheese:

To get the taste of Gouda cheese it is needed to be dipped in water. It can restore 4 hunger bars. You have to put a plain cheese and a bucket of water anywhere for crafting the Gouda cheese.

gouda cheese
gouda cheese

Cheddar Cheese:

This is one of the popular ones. Almost everyone has a little hearing about this cheese. This can restore 4 hunger bars. You need to smelt some plain cheese for crafting it.

chedda cheese
cheddar cheese

Parmesan Cheese:

This cheese is quite nice and hard. This cheese is required to be aged and so that it needs the clock. It will restore the whole food bar of yours. To craft it you will need to place some plain cheese and a clock.

permesan cheese
permesan cheese

Blue Cheese:

This cheese has got some blue stuff on it. It has got the ability to restore 8 hunger bars. You need to place plain cheese and lapis anywhere to craft it.

blue cheese
blue cheese

Swiss cheese:

This is one of the awesome cheeses and it has got holes in it. It can restore 4 hunger bars. For making it you need to place four 4 plain cheeses on the crafting bench.

swiss cheese
swiss cheese

Cheese Sword:

And at last here comes the Cheese Sword. This sword is crafted from fresh cheddar cheese. It has got sufficient power and durability of iron. To make this giant sword you need to cheddar cheese as material.

swiss sword
swiss sword

This one also makes an addition of a creative tab for the cheese.

Download and Installation of Cheese Mod for Minecraft 1.5:

Download the Cheese Mod from HERE


–          First of all you need to download and install the required FORGE

–          Then download the MOD form the given download link

–          Now drag the Cheese file into .minecraft/mods folder

–          Last of all run the game and have fun!!!


Cheese Mod for Minecraft 1.5, 3.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings