BuildCraft 2 for Minecraft 1.4.7

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I have for you Today a big release, BuildCraft  and BuildCraft Alpha updated for Minecraft 1.4.7.

I have been a bit slow as this release came out on the 17th of January and it is now the 1st of February, but hey, better late than never right?

Although I have been a little bit slow posting about this release, according to the BuildCraft blog it was the fastest update ever with the combined community support from ModLoader, Modloader MP and Minecraft Forge teams.

The 2.2.x is still the main version of this mod that is used on SMP servers, 3.1.x is still in the alpha stage but is starting to progress into early beta.

The Alpha 3.1.2 version has received some very cool enhancements including some tweaks and optimization’s that will allow your BC worlds to run a lot faster, even faster than with the 2.2 branch. These new optimization’s contain various rules with pipes containing too many stack, the rules will decide to either group the items together if possible or explode them if they are way too overcrowded. Blueprints have gone a step further in this version to natively allow support for other third party mods . They will be more smarter and identify the items that are needed to build a block. Advanced blueprint support will still require dedicated modding. The main interfaces have been improved in a response to community feedback, one thing in particular is that you are now able to use an item instead of consuming it.

Fillers can now plant seeds and they are fully supported in the blueprints, through the gates they offer a “loop” action, this allows them to carry on working when done.

Along with all of that there have also been a lot of other various bug fixes and enhancements. The 3.1.x API is now frozen, so if you are modding then you can start to rely on it. The move of 3.x is starting to go out of the alpha and into the beta stage. This means that SMP support is on the way.

Changes in BuildCraft 2.2.12

– The graphical glitches when using several sub-mods adding pipes has been fixed.

– The dupe bug found in SMP, when as a player you were able to delete a machine while the other one keeping the interface open has been fixed.

– A hook has been added to programatically deactivate water deletion with pumps.

Changes in BuildCraft Alpha 3.1.2

– Now when used with tanks buckets do not disappear anymore

– The name of a blueprint is now given through a “subname”

– The background slot rendering issue has been fixed with advanced interface.

– API hooks have been added to add data to passive items.

– Blueprints now have a ON/OFF/LOOP feature that allows them to be reset.

– The robot laser not being removed when you delete the robot bug has been fixed.

– New protections have been added to blueprints to make them more resistant to exceptions.

– New support has been added for vines in blueprints.

– Building a steam engine now places the right engine, rather than a wood one.

–  An overridable method has now been added for engine creation to allow modders to override the method that creates engine behavior.

– The bug where tanks store liquid in blueprints has been fixed so that they no longer store liquids.

– New connections for transport classes have been added to allow modders to refine connections between different transport classes.

– Support has now been added to use a tool instead of consuming it.

– Support has been added to allow fillers in blueprints.

– The code has been optimized, mainly to the pipes and engines.

– If there are no containers for tanks you are now able to safely consume the items.

– Real items are not used in diamond pipe.

– Blueprint are now resistant to any changes in item ids.

– Blueprints do not store requirements anymore, the requirements for blueprint blocks are now stored in the blueprint to improve the modding support.

– Potential NPE in builders has now been fixed.

– A pipe should now explode when it contains more than X elements, but before they do that, they will try to group the items.

– Fillers are now able to plant seeds and use items.

– Protections has been added to path markers to allow exceptions when the markers are too far away are fixed.

– A hook has been added for when a pipe reaches a side to allow modders to modify the behavior of a pipe when it reaches a side.

Download BuildCraft 1.2.5 here

Download BuildCraft Alpha 1.2.5 here

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