Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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One of the Minecraft world’s most unique mods is Better Than Wolves 1.4.7, which changes almost everything about the game. Using this mod, players advance between ages, expanding their technology and items as they move along. Better Than Wolves is certainly an ambitious project and it features a dedicated community of followers.

The ‘Ages’ feature is basically a storyline that players use to progress through the ages. Each ‘Age’ comes with its own unique objectives. In one age, players must build a functioning mill, for example. Another objective involves starting up a hemp farm. The first age, the Age of Wood, is separated into several tiers of development that carry the player from basic beginner items to more advanced materials.

Better Than Wolves completely transforms the Minecraft experience. After starting up their farm and mill, for example, players can learn to breed animals or craft items out of soulforged steel. Items like block dispensers are also available, and there is no shortage to the amount of functionality that Better Than Wolves adds to the game.

Here are just a few items that Better Than Wolves Mod adds to the Minecraft world:

-Hemp: Hemp is planted like wheat, but it has a number of specific growing requirements. Players can grind hemp into hemp fibers using a mill stone, and hemp fibers can then be used to create rope or fabric.

-Anchor: Players can hang ropes from anchors in order to create a climbing route. Anchors can be placed between two points anywhere in the world.

-Donuts: Feeling hungry? Eat a donut to keep your character (named ‘Steve’) happy.

-Filament: When combined with light blocks, filaments convert redstone power into heat and light

-Sail: One of the largest fabric pieces that players can make is the ‘Sail’, which is an integral component of the wind mill.

-Composite bow: Composite bows are a powerful way to hunt. Arrows can be fired a much farther distance, and players can also use heavier arrows.

In fact, Better Than Wolves is such a deep gaming experience that an entire forum has been built for its fans. Along with featuring information about the latest releases, that forum also contains details about Better Than Wolves add-ons and texture packs, among other things.

Since Better Than Wolves is a total conversion mod, it isn’t compatible with most other mods. In fact, the only mod that Better Than Wolves is officially compatible with is BuildCraft, and even then players need a special ‘Better Than BuildCraft’ version of the mod for it to work properly.

How to download and install Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

Step 1) Download and install ModLoader

Step 2) Download the latest release of Better Than Wolves from this forum thread

Step 3) Better Than Wolves has a folder called ‘Minecraft jar’. Place all of the files from that folder into Minecraft’s .jar folder

Step 4) Delete META-INF if you haven’t already done so

Step 5) Play Minecraft with the Better Than Wolves Mod!

Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings