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Minecraft 1.1 Update Has Been Officially Released

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Hey Guys, some great Minecraft news Today. The latest update for Minecraft has just been released! Version 1.1 Here is a great video of Minecraft 1.1 by the H.A.T film guys. [youtube id=”nDrU6GTq8HM” width=”600″ height=”350″] This new updates has some awesome new features which I will talk about below. – The bow has received some new enhancements. – There… Read more »

Mineways – Print Your Minecraft Creations in 3D

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Mineways Minecraft Eiffel Tower

Ever wanted to turn one of your minecraft creations in to something real? Well now you can, with this new program called Mineways, it allows you to render a 3D picture of your minecraft creations and you can then use them on a 3D printer or send it to any 3D printing service like Shapeways…. Read more »

New Minecraft Developer Hired by Mojang

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Original Source A new developer has just joined the fantastic minecraft team over at mojang, a man only known as @jonkagstrom on twitter, is joining the team of a world wide successful game, his first task is to create in-game AI for minecraft NPCs .